Cousteau has Covid: threat AND menace



Get well soon! I think those raw onions will cure Covid right quick. Maybe stay home and rest for the next games?

I used to love Shamshiri Grill in Westwood (over ten years ago), but I heard it went downhill. Not sure if it’s related to Shamshiri in Glendale (which has been just okay in delivery orders).

I was happy with the U.S. victory today. I always figure anything can happen in one soccer game, so wouldn’t surprise me to see us beat the Netherlands.

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M’dear PeonyWarrior, thank you so much for your get well wishes; heartfelt, I can tell! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And no truer words have ever been spoken:


~ Cousteau :us:

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Normally that would clearly be a little joke but here……


So you deliberately dined indoors at a restaurant while Covid positive instead of watching the game from home with Postmates? Am I reading that right?



Christ, I’m out. Love the world cup banter but I’m not cool with the virtual blackmail. What are you going to do, take the ball and go home? You were given a lot of leeway, IMHO, with the fracas with eat the world.

Watching a soccer game isn’t something you have to do. You have covid, stay home. Stop rationalizing it. Or you can continue but be ready to be called out for it. And the post was fairly polite. So no, I will not be rescinding my heart. I was already incredulous when you were out dining when you knew you were ill. But to continue when confirmed with covid is just not on.

I’m sorry you can’t afford a TV but I’m pretty sure you can afford to stay home until you have recovered from your covid infection. I wish you well.


Btw, used tvs can be picked up for very little or free on Craigslist or similar. The world cup is being broadcast on free TV channels on fox and Telemundo. You will only need an antenna.

Sorry, I can’t heart a post about going out to a restaurant with Covid. I have a reputation to maintain around here!


because fuck this guy

the host/order taker guy and I were the only ones watching the game

great info on this thread though, so I’m unsure how to feel.


The only situation people negatively judging is that you were knowingly sick with a disease which is very rapidly transferred to others simply by breathing. You didn’t have a mask on when you were eating and during that time you will have spread a lot of covid virus in the restaurant (even with good ventilation etc). It is also known that the virus stays up in the air and being active for quite some time and so you knowingly endangered other people around you just for your personal entertainment. (and even if it wouldn’t have been covid - not interacting with others when you have an highly transmittable disease is simple respect for other people)



@costeau I’ve loved your posts about the WC but I do think it’s pretty irresponsible to go outside and interact with others for the purposes of entertainment when you knowingly have COVID/flu/or other severe illness.


just here with the :popcorn:. between the drama of Eat the World, Renaldo’s phantom goal, and now this, the thread is one of the more entertaining ones in a while.



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I checked out of this one very early, but looks like I shouldn’t have. This is up there with some of the best Reddit threads I’ve ever seen.


I can’t believe we all buried the lede. This is classic and very funny.


Seriously, best comment of year.


This isn’t the case and there are enough papers out showing the opposite that it travels quite far and stay active for a long time (and yes, this paper is about speech etc but the basic scientific facts are no different when you eat and breath)

Aerosols from speaking can linger in the air for up to nine hours - PMC.

And I really hope this isn’t a serious comment and just a joke but I start to have some doubts about it based on some of your other comments (and since having seen other similar brain-melting comments on this board from meat eating vegans and other similar rare species)