Cracking Wise (Sons)

Wise Sons finally opened in Culver City and is already crowded. Currently just open until 2 pm> Pastrami Reuben ($14 - available in three versions: OG, kimchi and vegetarian) was fine but is thinly sliced so is not redolent of the pastrami spices and comes on a somewhat bland double baked rye. Biggest issue, though, was that the cheese was not melted. The latkes were good ($4 each, comes with a small cup of applesauce and one of sour cream) but would benefit from a bit of onion and some pepper. Nowhere near Brent’s or Langer’s territory but decent. The bagels looked good, nice assortment offered, but I did not try any of them this visit.


Their rye bread was bland and barely had any caraway seeds. My everything bagel was a disappointment - small, dense and had an very chewy exterior that I had difficulty biting into. If you’re looking for a good bagel, look elsewhere.


I went to their place a couple of years ago in San Francisco . With all the hype . I thought wtf , this is meh at best ordering their pastrami on rye . I left dissatisfied and headed to Molinari for a real sandwich . Head cheese with mustard on a hoagie roll .


Le Sigh. I was really excited about having them here. Had P go pick me up a Matzoh Ball soup. I took out the dill spring before I took this shot and OMG. was this soup super dilly. It’s a shame… the broth is really good if you get past the dill (I barely could.) The Matzoh ball is EXCELLENT. But the chicken included was awful. It’s one those you get salty there are like three pieces of chicken thing… and then it’s terrible tasting and you get even more mad. ugh.

Long story short… looks like Johnnys will continue to be my local go to for MBS.



The corned beef is gross and inedible, the pastrami is passable, the matzoh soup is mediocre, the latkes are good but a little bland, the bagel w/creamed cheese & lox is very good (but not quite Wexler’s level).

A wholly disappointing addition to the LA deli scene.


Thanks for taking one for the team guys!

I love Johnny’s buttery (yes buttery!) matzo ball too @Dommy! But last time I had it their’s also had too much dill in the broth. Must be a new trend, lol.

i just baked and added caraway for the first time and it’s definitely fainter than i expected … i was being very cautious. more next time.

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