Craft Dinner

I’m taking my parents to Craft for dinner this weekend for Restaurant Week/Museum Day and I’m looking for some suggestions on what to order because I’ve never been there before.

For the first course for the whole table which everybody has to share, the three options are:

Winter squash hummus

Frisee salad with bacon and cured egg

Albacore tuna with blood orange and buddha’s hand

For the main course options are:

Petrale sole with celery root

Ora king salmon with savoy cabbage

Farm chicken with farro

Mugifugi pork with sweet potato

Short rib ravioli with black trumpet mushrooms

Parmesan risotto with sunchokes

Rigatoni with italian sausage

Then, the final dessert course, the two options for the whole table are:

Mast brothers chocolate panna cotta

Navajo fry bread with apples and ice cream

Right now, I’m leaning towards the dinner dishes that you wouldn’t get with their lunch restaurant week special. Otherwise, it seems like a shame to basically order the same dish but then pay twice as much for it. So, that means the choices would be the chicken, salmon, or the short rib ravioli.

Or, will I miss out on something delicious by ignoring the other dishes that are also available for lunch?

And, I’m also leaning towards getting the fry bread for dessert because of the whole Mast brothers controversy.

You won’t have to worry about deciding what to get for the 1st courses or desserts.
You get them all. It’s a very good value and worth checking out.