Craving Musubi

Musubi, particulary fried chicken type. Anything besides L&L?

Homestyle Hawaiian by Mesa College has the best Musubi we’ve had in San Diego. Best poke as well. For that matter best Hawaiian food in SD really, although i haven’t been to Leilani’s Cafe in PB which generally gets pretty positive feedback. Been meaning to get over there for some Hilo style loco moco.

I have liked the spam musubi at Junez on University & 30th in North Park. In general I have preferred the Hawaiian style foods at Ono Grinds on 30th and Kona Kakes on Linda Vista Road (next to Ballast Point/Homebrew Mart) over the Homestyle Hawaiian stuff. Plus, the latter was disturbingly cluttered/dirty when I went in (admittedly not much in the last year).

Thanks RISD and MrKrispy! Will check out all the places you guys mentioned soon!

If you are willing to drive up the coast to Dana Point, then go to Kawamata Seafood.

You will not be disappointed. Best musubi short of a long-haul flight to Hawai’i.

Kawamata Seafood
Dana Point (off the 5 fwy, exit Camino De Estrella)

I’ve seen you post about them before but never knew they had musubi. Thanks so much! Make the trip to LA frequently and will try it soon.

Since the summer traffic through Capistrano Beach has died down a bit, I haven’t stopped by for a while, but hop off the 5 and get some great poke and musubi. I think he only has the spam no katsu.

Thanks littlestevie, will do.

Finally made it to Kawamata! The poke was really good, probably the best I’ve had on the mainland and way better than the newish poke places popping up all over. Not a fan of spam so didn’t try musubi. Overall, great place. Thanks ipsedixit.

If only 1/2 of the poke places in SD were as half as good as this place.

The 35 contestants of the latest San Diego Poke competition (6 weeks ago), I Love Poke 2016, came from all over including the islands of Hawaii. Cardiff Seaside Market’s chef, James Montejano, took home third place. I will be looking to try their poke soon. The winner (another I have not tried) was a 22 yo SD catering company called SOAR (Sushi On A Roll). Their location is near Petco Park and they offer lunch take-out poke, rolls and bento boxes. Interested to hear if anybody has tried the Poke from either place.


Grab your bento boxes (to-go box) for lunch

Choose one or two, 11am-1p

Rainbow Roll $10
Seared Ahi Poke salad $10
Spicy Tuna Roll $6
California Roll $5

Any special requests please call in advance

Phone: 619-702-1468
Location:1620 National Ave San Diego 92113