Crimson Cookhouse (brief review)

I was in the mood for someone new (to me) but not too far of a drive for lunch/brunch today. After a brief Google search, I decided on Crimson (I had originally been trying to find the name of a new Japanese restaurant on Ocean Park, but I couldn’t remember the name (it’s Tokyo House).

The space is certainly very pretty. Coffered ceilings, tons of subway tile and wood beams, very large windows. Large menu for both breakfast and lunch/dinner. My partner ordered the “American Omelet” w/ a coffee (Intelligensia, supposedly). I asked the cashier if she recommend the breakfast or lunch items and, after a brief but pointed silence, she said, “Lunch.” So I ordered the ground sirloin kebabs w/ 2 sides (babaganoush, tzatziki).

My partner didn’t like his omelet at all. Found it “undistinguished,” “passable,” and like “truck-stop food.” I had a bite. I thought it was underseasoned but otherwise fine. He also didn’t find his coffee to be anything special, and he normally likes Intelligensia.

My kebab was pretty flavorful (but “greasy,” per my partner). The garlic paste was tasty, although it doesn’t quite reach the dairy deliciousness that you find a (some) Zankous. Babaganoush had all the herbs (too much) that should’ve been in his omelet. Tzatziki was average (and not interesting).

My Arnold Palmer was delicious.

If I lived w/i walking distance, I’d probably be a fairly freq customer (it’s sort of like the Persian version of Literati); however, I don’t think I’ll be coming back again (even though I’m only about 1.5 mi away).