Crispy House, Artesia. Filipino pork galore!

Finally got a chance to check out Crispy House in Artesia recommended by @Jase.

Ordered the house special Crispy Pata (deep fried pork knuckle) and Sisig. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Filipino food but thought both were excellent deep fried porky goodness, albeit probably set my diet back several weeks.

Also got the special Halo-halo, think of it as Hawaiian shaved ice on steroids. Comes topped with tapioca, ice cream, agar-agar, jackfruit, square of custard(?), coconut, beans and doused with evaporated milk. Absolutely loved it

Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

“Mang Tomas” sweet and tangy liver dipping sauce for the pata

Special Halo-Halo


Is this the new Magic Wok? Same location?

That crispy pata is the best.

Yes; it appears the only thing that changed was the name.

Just curious - What makes the halo halo “special”?

Addition of mango or taro ice cream for $0.50 up charge. Couldn’t turn it down…

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A LA/OC Metro Filipino restaurant guide for anyone interested in checking out the cuisine


Awesome, thanks for posting!

that really looks good.

" Other locations in crude Eagle Rock, Panorama City, North Hills, and Koreatown."


was that intentional??

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That looks super good. Especially the sisig. I loooooove sisig – it’s pretty hard to find here in OC though. Pinoy Pams has it once in a blue moon, and Sawali grill has it but it’s way too far for me.

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Sisig was very good there when it was Magic Wok.

Glad you liked it! I think that crispy pata is destination worthy, but I do love my pork and fried pork in particular.

Yes, it’s the same place, new name and new owners? I recognize many of the staff. The menu is the sam, prices are about a buck higher for many things and some portions are probably around 10% smaller. Still a good bang for your buck with the quality. I thought it was a steal before at previous pricing and portions.

My Caucasian wife also really likes the diniguan here. Always amusing to see other diners trying to surreptitiously watch her reaction when she eats it. Most think she’ll react in disgust, little do they know she’s much pickier than I am when it comes to that dish.

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It’s not on the list but the most recent Eater LA Filipino food roundup reminded me that we tried Crispy House for the first time a couple weeks ago. We’re very late to the party on Crispy House but I’m sure it’s been on the list before and it definitely should be again.

Their signature crispy pata was really incredible with tender juicy meat and crunchy, not overly thick skin. Impressive work balancing those things without the meat getting stringy or the skin getting hard. That said, we also really enjoyed the bagoong fried rice and pinakbet. Just really good work all around, we’ll definitely be going back with my parents.