Crispy School - Westlake/Lafayette Park

Crispy School is small, with six two-tops that can be variously arranged depending on your party size. And the name of the place aptly describes what’s going on there. Do you like fried food?

The Galbi Burger is a hamburger, crisped-up, with Korean sweet/savory sauce, tomato, lettuce, cheese and pickled onion. It’s served on a brioche bun that’s perfectly suited for the task. However, it takes some bun management as it can get messy toward the end with all the sauce/tomato juice. I saw someone who left it in the wrapper and managed to retain some level of dignity while eating it. I on the other hand needed several napkins. But it was tasty. The crunchiness was unique and made it fun.

As far as I could tell, everything is deep fried with panko. The french fries come plain, with bacon and cheese, or with a fried egg. We tried something different: Portobello Fries. They come with two dipping sauces from the list of ten.

There’s a miniature pool table, which a guest was playing when we arrived, and lots of iconic toys arranged toward the back of the shop. The server and cook were extraordinarily nice and welcoming. There’s a tiny parking lot, with a couple of open spaces when we arrived at lunch time.

Crispy School
526 S. Occidental Blvd. (corner of 6th, just east of Virgil)