Crudo . . .Pascal Lorange's new dining concept in Carmel Valley

Highly anticipating the opening of Crudo Grand Opening (Hopefully) Aug 1st!. Can’t wait to indulge in Pascal’s creations, described as locally sourced Mediterranean style Sushi? Don’t know how else to describe it, because that doesn’t really capture what he’s doing. The food is just amazing looking.. If the flavors even approach the stunning presentations, it will be truly spectacular fare. I have stopped by to look at the restaurant several times now and have been lucky enough to meet Pascal on a couple of occasions (seems he’s always there) and have him give me a tour. The spaces inside and out look clean, sleek, and cool (like his creations).

Check out the latest [SDUT article on Pascal and his new concept, Crudo] (Lorange nears debut of Crudo concept). It has some good pics and information on his newest concept.

And check out Crudo’s Facebook page. for latest updates.

Elegant Informality
Crudo is about the passion of traditional cuisine from the Mediterranean coast with Japanese-inspired infusions. Crudo prides itself with authentic yet delightful ingredients with simple presentations.

Spice for Life
One of Crudo’s highlights is the trio dipping sauce selection served with several of our dishes such as sushi rolls and crudos. Chef Pascal Lorange replaced the traditional Asian served ginger, wasabi and soy sauce with the elegant, yet refined homemade trio:
• Kumquat ginger with cilantro and olive oil
• Five-spice harissa sauce
• Aged balsamic vinegar with soy sauce and spices

Sophisticated Simplicity
While being sophisticated in creation and originality, Chef Pascal Lorange presents the majority of his dishes as gluten-free, with the exception of a few desserts. The menu also features a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Local by Design
We live in the community we serve and believe in providing our guests with the freshest available ingredients. As we are striving to serve all of our ingredients from local farms and markets, we also take pride in our locally sourced furnishings, design and lighting.

I understand Crudo had it’s grand opening on the 29th. I am out of the country so am very sorry that I missed it. If any one has been, I would really love to hear any feedback.

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Food and service were really wonderful at lunch today. The three Ricitini’s (Shrimp w/ fennel & tomato basil jam, Short ribs w/gorgonzola hazelnut & apple, Bresaola w/eggplant caviar & onion marmalade ) were extremely flavorful and tasty, but now being served on rice bread instead of the caramelized rice squares. Small but very good. The Lobster (brioche) Roll rocked it, and the french fries were so addicting. The Proscuitto di Parma & Burrata Medittereanean sushi roll with pesto rice may have been the best bites of the meal. Also the Lemon tart with candied kumquats and kumquat icecream was sooo good and refreshing. Only complaint was the outdoor chairs were uncomfortable and so we decided to change to one of the inside tables that sat just off the patio. Really, for being in a new urban shopping area, the setting and atmosphere were quite lovely.

Crudo lunch menu


Looks great . I’ll have to take a drive there . I am having problems with finding their location in Carmel Valley . Directions ?

It’s in near Canyon Crest Academy just north off the Carmel Valley Rd exit. Intersection of Carmel Valley Rd and Del Mar Heights Rd.

Thanks a million . I going to take a drive there .

Tried Crudo this weekend.

It was very disappointing.

Had a reservation, which we arrived on time for, and was kept waiting for about 15 minutes while “they cleared the tables” (exact words), when the restaurant was not even half full at the time (around 7 p.m.)

Slight hiccup aside, the food was at best uneven. The crudo sampler (tuna, salmon and branzino) was over dressed with olive oil, completely muting the flavors of each of the fish. There was not enough acid, nor an element of crunch, to balance out the fish.

The chicken croquettes, however, were very delicious. Light and fluffy, almost like tater tots on steroids.

My zucchini gazpacho had a rather interesting and unwelcomed bitter taste to it. My gut tells me it was again overdressed with tarragon oil.

We both felt the chicken tajine, though the chicken was itself flavorful and tender, was a bit lacking in the “gravy” department. My lobster soup was basically seafood stew served en papillote; it was fine, but nothing remarkable.

We both wanted dessert, but our server never bothered asking (nor even offering coffee), and simply gave us the bill.

Oh well.

Thanks for saving me the trip . I had hopes .