Cucina Basilico (San Diego)

When we arrived in San Diego on our short trip to southern California we immediately went to our old “living room” - Cucina Basilico. Classic Italian food made completely in-house with care. It was also great to see Francesca and Danilo again (and we are glad the restaurant survived the pandemic)
It was great as always - hopefully we will now have the chance to come down more often

As always you start with their warm, freshly baked rolls

Rustic salame and mortadella

Prosciutto Crudo

Polpette with their marinara sauce

Pork ossobuco with porcini risotto

Ravioli filled with spinach

Mushroom casarecce with pesto and sausage

Semifreddo with marsala raisin and berry reduction

Vanilla panna cotta

Tiramisu (still our gold standard)


Thanks for the entry! So nice to see some discussion of San Diego spots. This is a new one form us, so I added it to the list. We really enjoy fresh pasta. Our go to has been Piacero Mio in South Park, but that lunch menu intrigues me. So many places have stopped lunch service. I find it a great way to check out new spots on a budget.

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Piacere Mio was also always nice but tended to have quite underwhelming service (very rushed and forgetting dishes). We never tried Cucina Basilico for lunch - would be interesting to hear if the paninis are also good

They have a 2nd location in an out-of-the-way and hard to access strip mall on the border between San Diego and La Mesa. It’s pretty good and always hits the spot.

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