Culichi Town - Mexican sushi - Colton

This is a branch of a small chain that started in Bell. Based on the Munchies video, the original looks like a slightly more upscale place, this one is kind of funky (bathrooms are outside off the parking lot) but it has a lot of comfortable booths.

The menu includes regular mariscos, Mexican sushi, and cooked dishes such as chilorio, machacha, and tamales.

The sushi is all rolls, every single one of which includes cream cheese. We went with a Norteño roll with “philadelphia, aguacate, camaron, cangrejo y serrano adentro, aderedo de cangrejo arriba.” Turned out to be a deep-fried roll, sliced and topped with deviled crab and eel sauce. Tasty but kind of heavy. I love the concept but maybe someone else will do this style of fusion with a lighter hand.

Also got a quesadilla de marlin that was quite good. Typical very smoky marlin that goes well with the same kind of seasonings that work with pork.

Came with a plate of grilled onions and some sort of not-hot chile with I think arbol and tamarind. Maybe those would have made more sense with some other dishes, I don’t know. Also half a dozen squeeze bottles with mayo, spicy mayo, Maggi, tamarind-arbol sauce, sriracha, and that kind of translucent red sweet-and-sour goop old-school Chinese restaurants serve with egg rolls.

No tap water served. Is that a thing around here? Bizarre.

I’m in no hurry to go back, but if I did I’d try the chilorio, looked very good in the photos.

Munchies video: The Sushi Chef: Culichi Town