Culver City Pizza choices?

I have been tasked with finding pizza for 45 Sunday at noon. Stipulation is that it is very good quality. I have an inquiry into Mozza2Go, but wondering if there are options closer to Culver City. Its for 2 birthdays, which, unfortunately, just happen to fall on Superbowl Sunday, so I want to nail it down quickly. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The Doughroom (overland and palms-ish) is a good back up plan

Maybe Gjelina take away.


Grey Block is identical to Abbot’s Pizza in Venice. They could probably pull off an order for 45. It ain’t Mozza but respectable and more in the direction of traditional.

I like Dough Room for their beers. Their pizza is pretty good but on the smaller side. I don’t know either way if they could fulfill a pizza order for 45.

Wild Craft is very good, more artisan-like, but again - pulling off an order for 45?

Maybe you will have to get 10 pies from 4 and a half places.


Hollywood Pies is near Culver City and has excellent deep dish, if that’s something your celebrants are into…

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Actually it looks like Mozza can do it, and fairly reasonably! I have to arrange pickup as they can’t deliver, but think I am going to go with them.
Thanks for all the prompt and helpful responses!

Ah drat - ridiculed through math. And I have no comeback 'cuz I can’t do the problem. Curse you CB!!! (Shaking clenched fist in air) :slight_smile:

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Lidge Bread Co!!! Best pizza ever!


Is LaRocco’s not around? Or not good anymore?

LaRocco’s is around but it didn’t seem that he wanted that type of pizza

How does Costco compare to La Barbera’s?

Think of Costco as McDonald’s and La Barbera’s as Providence with sausage and extra cheese.

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The slices at GTA are some of the best pizza I’ve had in LA. Second only to Grimaldi’s imo.

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Actually LaRocco’s fit the bill better than Mozza as Mozza couldn’t get it early enough. Not in the same league perhaps, but I went with it. Thanks for the tip!

That was my fault for assuming that when you said ‘high quality’ and that you were already looking at Mozza that you wanted more of that modern style pie and not really a NY or Slice style … La Rocco’s is a decent slice place

I did, but the birthday people did not. Thanks anyway, and thanks to everyone who answered. Now I have another reason to get to Gjelina.

I can’t beleive anyone would not want a pizza from LaRocco’s. I have tried almost every “raved-about” pizza place in this city. They don’t want NY Style? That’s a different story. Sad but different.