Culver City Sushi Takeout

My husband and I are having an at-home date night this Saturday. We’d like to get some sushi. We are not made of money, so we don’t want the super high end stuff. Any recommendations for a place we could get takeout in or around Culver City? We are looking for sushi rolls and nigiri. Thanks!

K-Zo is probably the best option in the area, if they do take-out. Sushi Masu is ok, but a bit further out.

Sugarfish does very good takeout sushi - I guess marina might be closest

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Agreed, forgot that they leave the sauce on the side for take-out, which means you get it at a (more) appropriate temperature and not soaked through with ponzu.

Sushi Tho.

Don’t forget Karen Sushi on Washington Blvd., at Overland. I wrote them up in the “Sushi School” thread. (I still haven’t figured out the link thing.)

Click on the little picture of the chain link on the bottom of that particular post and then copy and paste the link that pops up into your new post. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the recs. I think I’ll do Sugarfish since it seems they have a way to really cater to take-out.

I didn’t know about Karen Sushi. I’ll have to try that another time.

Like this? Thanks, I’m too lazy to figure out stuff like that. :wink:

?](Sushi School - Where should I begin? - #312 by Bookwich):

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I come from the school of just clicking and pressing on sh*t, see what happens and then I’ll figure it out. Makes for fun times. My IT department loves me! :joy:

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Not super close to Culver City, since they’re in west la, but I like Tokyo Fast Food, with sushi made to order and prices reasonable.

It’s actually pretty close. Sawtelle north takes you there in about 15 minutes. If there’s not much traffic 405 to SM Blvd. exit.