Curated Menus

I’ve railed before about some of the hipster-speak and utterly useless menu descriptions. It would seem I am not that far off…

Curating the same as choosing


haha that is pretty funny. I would contend that “tasting menu” is similarly poorly worded as well, just lacking hipster pretentiousness.

You might also like this – from late 2013!

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I think I saw that when it originally came out but it certainly bears re-reading.

You’re citing a hipster magazine’s fake online news story as proof of something being too hipster-y? That might be the most hipster-y thing I have ever seen anyone do… damn

Gloves down. I know how to solve this. Maybe the word “hipster” should be retired. After all, it was last in vogue in the 40s - 50s, before my time, and morphed into “hippy” in the 60s and 70s, which was definitely my kind of time. So what we need now is a new term. It could be “hippy” again, I suppose, but that’s too boring. Kind of like the re-use of hipster has been boring. But it has to be a riff on a classic, a deconstructed, market-driven, re-imagined, new-American kind of expression. So, maybe, “hipper”? Or hypper?

Damn…I had no idea. Really, I had no idea. Now I feel really old :scream:

“Curator” is a job title in Honkman’s and my world. Of course, that is science and stuff - something that would scare most hipsters.

Science maybe- because it’s related to math.

But not scared of stuff. That’s my area of expertise.


Hipster did not become hippy. Two very different things.

Sorry Fakey, but it’s “hippie”. Hippy is being broad abeam. Hippie is what we were in 1968.

Wikkie says:

A hippie (or hippy) is a member of a liberal counterculture, originally a youth movement that started in the United States and United Kingdom during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world.


It did. Here’s the whole history, an interesting link:

The original spelling of the singular was with a “y”, and the plural was hippies, of course. Later the singular was more commonly spelled hippie.

Yeah, I was scratching my head over that. Hipsters and hippies have very little to do with each other, Dr. Chow. I strongly suspect you don’t have much of an idea what a hipster is, though I bet you’ve encountered them in your San Diego dining travels and maybe even thought “what is up with that?”

When it doubt, Wikipedia often gives a pretty good answer: Hipster (contemporary subculture) - Wikipedia

Most hipsters work for tech startups/tech companies in general. So that seems very unlikely…

We are talking about biotech world (which has little to do with a tech startup)

Biotech has nothing to do with science?..

But you won’t find any hipsters in biotech companies

Lmao yeah you will.

There’s a massive biotech incubator that employees so many hipsters that it drives the hipster indication of downtown Los Angeles.

You have a very narrow view of the world.

I most closely associate hipsters with bartending, fetish beer and artisan somethingorother.