Curry King, Atwater: thoughts?

Anyone been? If I’m going there with my expectation being a somewhat gringoized “Indian Restaurant”, in the 1980’s/90’s, India’s Oven mode, will I be happy?

Haven’t even heard of this place. Nice to have another Indian option in the area, although my expectations are on the low side.

thanks for taking one for the team. Please report back! :slight_smile:

Food surpassed my (admittedly limited) expectations; tandoori carefully done, vege dishes apparently cooked fresh, naan competent. Spicing on point. On the down side, unless they do huge late night, delivery, or lunch biz, they’re going to have a problem. We were there from 6 to 7 tonight, a Friday, and there was ONE other party of two there while we were there. I wish them luck, and everyone in the 'hood should go.

The big test is whether the tandoori was with charcoal or not. If you couldn’t tell then it was not.

Re: charcoal tandoori: I THINK so, but it wasn’t a nuance to which I would have known to pay attention.

it’s pretty obvious when it’s done as it should be… chicken comes out quite smoky