Customer experience with Chowbus?

I just downloaded and was looking around the Chowbus app. (Chowbus is a third party delivery service like Postmates that specializes in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese.)

Anyway, I was thrilled to see that Echo Park is within the delivery zone of a number of restaurants in the SGV. However, I am also worried about quality.

Second, there is a really cool-looking function where you can order from multiple restaurants in the same proximity to be delivered together. I.e. you could order from Chengdue Taste and also get a boba drink from one of the shops nearby.

This all seems too good to be true. Anyone with experience ordering from Chowbus? How’d it go? Thanks!


I used them to get Iki Ramen delivered to West LA. The driver was unusually rude, but my order arrived just fine. That said, I ordered the uni mazemen kit which required me to do a fair amount of cooking.

If you are interested, they offer a free trial of their subscription service that waives the delivery fee.


Just tried them in San Diego–the restaurants are all located in the Convoy/Clairemont Mesa area. My Shanghai Grilled Pork Buns and Shredded Pork in Spicy Garlic Sauce from A-Bowl arrived warm and in good condition. My driver was a bit rude, too, but the food arrived on time and in good shape, so I would use them again. Not sure if I will join though because I don’t order delivery very often and I don’t know what their deal with the restaurants is–I won’t do DoorDash to any Mom & Pop restaurant due to their gouging fees to the restaurants.


They tend to employ Chinese mainland drivers who usually dont speak much english but the service is good and they give a fairer cut to the restaurants and help build out menus for them if the dont have good social media, internet, design, and english skills.

I’ve used them extensively in Chicago and may personally partner with them for my place in LA if that means anything.


@JLee any thoughts on Fantuan? They seem similar, with good restaurant availability at least for asian restaurants on the westside. Is their cut favorable to restaurants as well?

no idea but i see their cars around town enough and their drivers seem competent