Customers that freely graze the produce aisle

You know the types. . .the ones that open the plastic clam containers that aren’t completely sealed but pinched on the ends.
The customer that opens them up and has to grab a grape, raspberry, strawberry, etc…to make sure they are worthy to buy.

I ask since I deal with this almost on a weekly occurrence at Costco’s produce walk-in with the ‘entitled’ customers, opening the plastic clear clam shell containers and eat one or two berries, grapes, etc and then if it is not to their liking, pinch the sides back and put it back on the shelf…WTF???

How is eating one or two berries or grapes going to represent the whole container of being sweet or sour?

Me, I confront them and tell them I don’t want to buy fruit, that had their grubby little hands all over…

Do you confront them if you see them open the container and take one or two and then put it back on the shelf?
What is your take on this?

I’ve never seen that happen, but I did yell at a woman in Whole Foods who decided to assess the rice in the bulk bin by running her hand through it.

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Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before at my local Costco.

Although I’ll confess to having complete meals by hitting all the samples on weekends… :grin:

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Love when the cheese road shows are going on. .
Love to hit up the sushi too.
I’ve been known to grab an extra ham slice for my Pom that he loves! ( I ask for my :dog: and they are always happy to oblige)

I’ve seen too many things in the bin aisle that I wish I hadn’t seen…

I wrote an email to Costco. .

It would be so easy to taint containers that are not sealed to some degree…I know it’s worst case scenario, but in this world we live in now, I think it would be prudent to have some sort of seal/sticker to know when the container has been opened and tampered with…even it’s some tool who wants to see if their entitled senses, are worthy of the price that they pay.

What’s absurd is how does one berry in a myriad of hundreds of berries in the container, represent all of them?

Good for you! There was one couple at my Gelson’s that continually “snacked” at the salad bar with their bare hands.

Or went to olive and cheese bar which is more per pound and then covered with regular lettuce from salad bar to save a few bucks.

When I complained I was told they were good customers! Who gives a sh*t! So am I and I’m not a clueless pig. Managers were afraid of them.

I finally just wrote to corporate and the matter was taken care of.

Turns out they weren’t such good customers after all. Besides the above, they would return all of their expired foods for a credit on a regular basis.

Drove a Bentley too, lol.

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Love you Bubbly …
Wish more people had the synapses of those neurons more than the average bear…like we do!

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