CUT at Palazzo

I made a reservation specifically to get two appetizers, the tuna tartare and bone marrow flan. Lady Luck was on my side.

Started with the freebie cheese gougere, which was excellent as usual.


Bread service.


Bone Marrow Flan :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yup


Tuna Tartare :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: fuckin amazing, better than I remembered. Everything on the plate made sense. Served with toast, super easy to eat and prepared to perfection. This is a well thought out dish, which I really appreciate.


Dry aged Nebraska Ribeye :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: my favorite steak they offer. Order this one, not the NY Strip. Tender, funky, delicious bovine.


Wagyu Beef Short rib :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: rich as fuck, perfectly tender, slight sweetness from the Demi glade glaze, and the mushroom duxelle provided a well rounded earthiness. The truffle was very faint and didn’t add much flavor. The greens on top make it healthy.


Sautéed Butter with Spinach :joy: and their wonder Cavatappi mac and cheese :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. The pasta had great texture and the cheddar was packed with flavor. And of course, the crispy cheese on top is the best part. The sautéed butter had a nice spinach flavor, just salty enough.


Gambled on the dessert with the manchego cheesecake. The manchego was definitely there, perhaps a little too much. I guess this was to act as a cheese course, it was just decent and not really my thing. Should have went with the tried as true banana cream pie or chocolate soufflé. Live and learn, had the dessert been stellar, the meal would have been damn near perfection.


CUT still remains my favorite steakhouse in Vegas, in a city of steakhouses. Craftsteak is a close runner up. CUT is dishing out appetizers and sides better than most fine dining French spots. No wonder the place was filled to the gills at 11 pm.


I’m mean…look :eyes: at that collection of bovine… @sgee @Google_Gourmet

Japanese wagyu all A5 with marble score of 10 or higher. The Olive Fed Kawaga was a marble score 10. Unclear of the marble score for the Tajima Kobe but they said it was higher than the Olive Fed, so 11 or 12??!?! The “Snow Beef” looks like a solid block of white when viewing from a distance of 10 feet or more.



I was reluctant to post one of my meals in Shizuoka. I think I may be safe from the self-appointed PC police here. :wink:

Fun dinner in a basement restaurant two doors from our hotel. Sunken seats in our own four seater private dining room with a door. Very cool and cozy for the two of us.

We’ve eaten many raw foods in Japan. Goat, beef, whale, chicken, all kinds of sea creatures. One of our very favorites has to be Basashi, horse.

We sampled a few here.

Horse Tartare.

Horse Liver. So good, nice snap. Ordered second round.

A sampler of Horse Tongue and two other cuts.

Interesting. Fried Lotus sandwiched with Pollack Roe. Don’t usually care for pollack toe, this was balanced and not overwhelming.

A few more typical menu items. A fun meal.


That’s a nice selection to choose from. The snow stuff though, better served shabu-shabu style IMO - as a steak it’s like eating butter.


We did have an offal hot pot. But ate all the meats raw. Finished with udon. Then rice with drizzled egg. That’s some good eating there.


Nothing wrong with beef butter IMO, mother nature’s gift for us gluttons. Actually my first choice of prep would be seared, cubed and served over some warm Sasanishiki rice! Grease soaked rice is sorta my thing though :call_me_hand: