"daily limit on how many times that action can be taken"

A user reported getting this message. Does the following explain it?


By default, new users can create only five topics on their first day.

I got the same message when trying to post to my own thread! This is pretty limiting–I hope it can be fixed.

It’s just for the first 24 hrs after you’ve registered.

oh that’s a relief. Thanks!

I think it’s mostly an anti-spam thing.

Is anyone else receiving a similar message when it comes to liking / clicking the “thumbs up” image for posts?

max_likes_per_day is set to its default of 50. That’s an awful lot of likes!

Apparently I’m liking the content too much! laughing So happy to be reading posts from people I’ve missed. Thank you for putting this together @robert - I am thrilled.

Wish there was a limit on how many F bombs one could drop in a day. :expressionless: #sorrynotsorry


More of a floor than a ceiling

@ElsieDee Wish I could like your posts here, but I’ve hit the “likes” maximum today. The limit warning feels odd like a noodle slap, but waaaay preferable to what I’ve seen on the site I’ll no longer name :wink:

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Every time I see something about “the site that shall not be named” I think of Harry Potter. snort snort :laughing:


Well thank you, @foodshutterbug!

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