Dalida - Presidio

new mediterranean restaurant in the presidio. very good, but didn’t quite live up to all the best new restaurant hype.

got the $75pp chefs menu and added on the california tahdig and the duroc pork cheek souvlaki as supplements.

the lamb chops encased in ground lamb was really unique and delicious.
goat cheese stuffed squash
duroc pork cheek souvlaki
anatolian erishte
rose tres leches cake

california tahdig

midye dolma - istanbul-style stuffed mussels, currents, dill

goat cheese stuffed squash

california tahdig - crispy saffron rice, santa barbara uni, smoked trout roe, kampachi, preserved yuzu

anatolian erishte - thick cut turkish noodles, forest mushrooms, perigord truffles, kabocha squash, white wine sauce

cypriot lamb chops - encased in ground lamb and caul fat

su borek - fluffy pan-roasted yufka pastry, spinach and comte cheese sauce, pine nuts

duroc pork cheek souvlaki - cheeks, crispy potatoes, mustard sauce

roasted cauliflower, harissa spices

presidio rose tres leches cake, dalida’s rose marmalade