Dallas Trip

Me and my brother going there next weekend for some football.

We are staying near Union Station (Uptown?) and will be looking for dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday, then game, then dinner, then breakfast Monday morning before taking off…bonus points for any tips for things to bring to tailgating beyond the obvious.

any leads most appreciated…we will be Ubering (hopefully) or taxi’ing around.

A few suggestions:

  • Pecan Lodge for BBQ - by far the best I’ve had in Dallas.
  • Lockhart BBQ if Pecan Lodge is not open.
  • Cane Rosso for Pizza
  • Pappas for Steaks
  • 20 Feet Seafood Joint - for some surprisingly well priced and fresh oysters.
  • Parliament for hipster cocktails

Sgee-thank you

reservation at pappas for sat nite and gonna hit up pecan lodge before the game on sunday…ill try to snap some photos of the bbq. thks again

if Pecan Lodge, stick to the fatty brisket. the lean is dry AF.

im asking for the burnt ends if possible…im with u…when I want lean I ain’t doing bbq.

Yes definitely get wet brisket… Never there at the right time but I hear the beef ribs at pecan lodge is pretty good too.

Knife is a newish steak house that seems to get good reviews, haven’t had a chance to check it out myself.

Hopefully did not lead you astray and definitely report back.

sgee – been looking at this joint online, drooling basically…one thing ive read is massive line action…we can probably handle some reasonably long time but i got a game to go to on sunday–what do u recommend…2 dudes can’t take down 5 lbs of meat for the fast line…is this something like 45 min or less? im still shocked by reports of people waiting 2, 3 hours for fricking halal guys in the OC…

Mr_JJ, Unfortunately I’m not going to be much help. I’ve only visited Pecan Lodge during weekday lunches. The few times I’ve dined in, there have been no lines at all…

5 lbs of meat between two guys, that’s going to induce a meat coma for sure…

Separately, Gemma is a good late night option. Open til 1am. Menus | Gemma in Dallas, TX

Well we r excited for our trip. I’ll be back in touch on this next week. Thx for the tips.

I’m going with you over patriots.com


hahah, Deep Ellum as SoHo of Dallas… quite a stretch at the moment. Let me know what you think post visit.

Was in Dallas last weekend- the food scene has majorly improved since I was last there four years ago. Pecan Lodge was great, not Franklin’s great, but holds up to anything else in Austin or Hill Country. Get brisket, beef rib. Skip the links and anything pork.

Knife was ok. Very good piece of meat (they didn’t have any of the 240 day dry-aged ribeye), but the regular dry-aged ribeye was on point, and everything else was kind of…Dallas-y, including the crowd and the service.

Rapscallion was, by far, the very best meal I’ve ever had in Dallas, and would hold up in NY (where I’m from) and LA (where I live). Pretty damn delicious. Eclectic, Southern-tinged food. Lots of wood-fired cooking, long-aged meats, must-order mala Nashville hot chicken. Go go go! Downside: all-domestic wine list.

Midnight Rambler is a sensational cocktail bar. Former Milk & Honey guys, they have a lab in the back with all the requisite science-y bar tools (circulator, rotovap, etc) and have a lot of “improved” cocktails on the menu i.e. cocktails with an additional modifier. Not that you would know this, all you’re going to get is great drinks. But also, a must go.

thanks for the tips helen – i’ll report back. im def into the beef while in dallas. “anything else in austin or hill country” would be a huge step up from the uszh. midnight rambler sounds like a good late night call. i know dallas isn’t austin but there’s gotta be some spot that has some decent texas blues, no? that would really go best with whiskey for me.

We got there at 1040a last Sunday (they open at 11). Line moved right along as the doors opened, then grew increasingly longer for the next hour or so, then completely dissipated. By 1230, when we left, there was no line at all. All-in-all, not bad. Sample size of 1, and it was also the opening weekend of the State Fair which may have diverted some of the meat-hungry hordes, so caveat emptor.

I can’t help you at all. Just came by to say this thread title is a winner. :smile:

Thanks. Heading out today will report back. I’m always happy to come home to California !

Got in late. Turtle soup creamed spinach bone in rib eye at pappas. Good call. Bbq and nfl mañana. Gracias.

Ok big win today. Moving on. Thanks for all the tips.

Some thoughts. Pappas bone in ribeye was delish. Great cut of meat. Great service. The creamed spinach was among best I’ve ever had. Still had that bright green not brown black dark green color and Parmesan crust with little slivers of Canadian bacon. I ate he whole skillet and was too full for desert. Excellent whiskey selection incl pappy van winkle booker noe 25 and more. Turtle soup with sherry cruet reminded me of commanders but not as good. But nobody’s is as good. It was still a dark gumboey treat.

Pecan lodge. Good calls on beef rib. So damn smokey and moist. Burnt ends came in a rubix cube size piece also dynamite. Brisket was dry and didn’t get finished. Pork ribs extra smokey and good. Fermented collard greens with ham hocks or something were sweet and meaty and delish. Took ur advice and got here about 1040 also and not a bad wait after opening. Walked around the side into the smoking shed and the gents there very proud of their hickory operation and showed me around. It will be a while before I have bbq this good again. Ain’t happening in la.

My bro was craving fajitas old school style so we hit up el fenix by our hotel. Didn’t need another big production. Friendly staff. Low key. I had some nice spinach and cheese enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.

A few more odds n ends below


Thanks f’kers!

Glad to hear things worked out.

Bummer about the brisket, I’ve been pretty fortunate the few times I was there, did not have any dry spells.

How does Pecan Lodge compare to Maple Block in LA?