Dan Tana's - Farwell Chef Neno

Word is Neno, the long-time chef has departed Tana’s after more than two decades. While the dishes are not complex and he trained others well, his is a big loss. Certainly not the same with the loss of Mike and now the chef. Look for Neno to open his own place in West Hollywood very soon. Its success will likely turn on who handles the front of the house/host position. Interesting times indeed.



Damnit. When it comes to Dan Tana’s, change is not good.

Happy to report that rumors of Dan Tana’s demise were greatly exagerated. Reopened and has not missed a beat. Patio is now an added plus. Although Neno is gone, the food is better than ever. Been several times the past few months and every time my group felt the food was better than ever. With the bar re-opened it looks like they pulled their act together just in time!