Darrio Cecchini x Osteria Mozza

5/23 $300pp


Aaaand it’s sold out

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Glad the NFL team didn’t move from Oakland to Tuscany, else they’d be (wait for it…)

The Tuscan Raiders (photo courtesy of starwars.com)


I am about as skeptical about this as I would be if I got an invitation to a party hosted by Mitch McConnell AND Nancy Pelosi.
Is he bringing his wonderful Tuscan beef? Doubt that, as I am suspect that that violates a thousand (stupid) USDA rules. Having eaten at his butcher shop 3 yrs ago, I can tell you the 4 inch thick Bistecca Fiorentino is the only really notable offering. So, if that is not on offer, what is? He’s very nice and has a great smile. And, oh, yes, the side of Tuscan beans served next to the steak was pretty magical AND easily re-created. He sells a great fennel pollen pork rub.

Love how it says a “Dario-style dinner.” Hogwash (without the hog). The whole LA Times Food Bowl seems like such a load of slap-dash horseshit to me. I bought tickets to the Puck event at Spago to trot down memory lane, and (hopefully) have some faithful renditions of Spago’s greatest hits, mostly because my Father was a Puck fan from the early days and we went to Spago on Horn so much. But the rest of it seems as gimmicky, as poorly conceived, and like a sinister money-grab, as this does.


I went to his butcher shop 2 years back. It was a fun atmosphere and we had a great time with the free flowing wine but it would be hard to replicate that experience. The Bistecca Fiorentino was fantastic but we ended up having meat overload. Dario running around the restaurant, taking pictures, blowing into that huge horn, singing songs, etc… is probably not happening at Mozza.

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Oh, no. You can pretty much count on that happening at Mozza. They’ll let him do as he pleases.

A few years ago at Valentino, he didn’t stop running through the restaurant singing, reciting Dante, with horn all night. Boundless energy.

Super fun night if not going to Panzano.

That’s virtually extinct. He gets most of his meat from Spain. Chi Spacca gets some great meat.


I guess his wonderful Non-Tuscan beef is also not coming to Melrose.


(And that from someone - me - who does absurd things to enjoy culinary experiences)