Dasheng BBQ in Monterey Park Makes It Hard For Old Non Chinese Speakers To Order

Dasheng BBQ just opened at 331 W. Garvey in Monterey replacing Big Fish. Big Fish was open for such a short time that I showed up on a Monday afternoon to find it open only for dinner on that day, then coming back a couple of Wednesdays later saw them closed for a remodel. Heaven knows it’s tough enough ordering at an authentic Chinese restaurant if you don’t speak Chinese. Throw in a technological hurdle and it’s a gauntlet. I’m not talking about putting in your order on an iPad. I’ve kind of gotten the hang of that. But walking into Dasheng I notice no menus. I asked the guy behind the counter for a menu, he says they don’t have one. He then pointed to a poster on the wall and said you need this. “What that?” I asked. He then whipped out his smart phone and pointed to one of the apps. As it turns out their only menu is on the Chinese language We Chat app. And the menu, of course, is only in Chinese. He said they served mostly bbq skewers, so I ordered a few. They were OK though the lamb skewer was mostly fat and joints. After I got home I installed the We Chat app on my phone, though I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.


Are you saying they have text ordering via WeChat? That is mind-bogglingly wacky. Do you have to have a translate app too?

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the place is cursed from a restaurant point of view anyway. i was sad when bamboo garden failed.

Not sure, but I’m thinking that you access their menu on We Chat but order from the waiter.

Ask to borrow his phone. :wink:


At least they take cash.

So if the local cell tower is out, is the restaurant is officially broken?

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