Date night, your choice!

Us geezers with little kids without a big support system don’t get to go out alone like adults often and focus on food like we’re used to. So needless to say we’ve missed out on a lot of newer places. But once a month our daycare does a date night so can you guys suggest a couple of definitive places to eat? Food quality being #1 criteria and maybe QPR second.

Have been to many newish spots of course like Republique, Terrine, Papilles etc.

Hatchet Hall is on the radar bigtime

broken spanish

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How about something a little off the beaten path?

If you’re an intrepid culinary savant, perhaps littlemeatsLA?

Sounds great! But i dont think i’m trying to talk to strangers when i finally have 1 on 1 with the woman

Then n/naka.

…sometime in june

Yall may be mistaking me for a baller. Normal pricing is fine. I think n/naka will be double that

go to Hatchet Hall

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Second Redbird.

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Good environment for conversation, and the leisurely pacing of the meal just makes enjoying each other’s company that much more special.


dang… i really want to go there. but got to stay within mid city area.

Kind of been wanting to try that steak frites place on Melrose. L’Assiette? Have you tried? Obviously a simple dinner.

Interesting. Rezzos are only avail 2 weeks out.

Officine Brera
Odys + Penelope

wow Brera look snice.

Is Mare Greenspan’s? meh

No, sorry.

But if in/around Mid-City and steak frites are on your criteria agenda, then I think the answer is really Papilles.

yea, i’m their #1 fan :slight_smile: really leaning toward Hatchet Hall so far. Maybe catch some jazz at the CC hotel too

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I went there once maybe a yr ago. Enjoyed it greatly. Not sure how noisy the inside was (we sat outside), though…

Noise level won’t play a part in the decision. Thanks everyone. I’ll try to get a reservation there i think. If not then maybe Odys. Haven’t tried yet.

I’ve been to L’Assiette on a few occasions and like it a lot. Their steak is certainly not on par with a prime cut, dry-aged piece of meat (and the price is reflective of this), so don’t go in expecting as such or you’ll be disappointed. In my opinion steak frites isn’t supposed to be that anyways (especially since it comes heavily sauced) so I found no problem with the cut or quality. It comes out super tender and flavorful - cooked sous vide and finished on the grill I believe.

The environment is simple and romantic, menu is to the point and the food is well prepared. Definitely opt for the soup over the salad. Also, the owner is very kind and clearly cares deeply for the restaurant.

Seems like people are unanimously liking Otium…

Know you’re already looking into reservations elsewhere, but for what it’s worth, I would have +1’d Redbird and Hatchet Hall.