David Toutain (Paris)

Had lunch here a little while back. I don’t remember much about specific courses (and have lost the printed menu) but my overall impression was rather good in retrospect. The food here is pretty delicate and finessed, even though I don’t really favor this general style of tasting menu that much nowadays. Still, the flavors were quite complementary and refined (such as cauliflower with white chocolate and coconut). If you like a modern tasting menu, then a meal at David Toutain can be quite nice.

Menu “Lierre Terrestre” with supplements and a bottle of Jérôme Prévost, La Closerie, Grand Cru.

I do have notes on the wine and it was showing really well. 50% chardonnay from Mesnil, 50% pinot noir from Puisieulx. White cherry, powdery yuzu, a bit of passionfruit, soft spices, clementine peel, soft green apple, dried herb like bay leaf, a bit of smoke. Medium-full body, good spine, very vinous, gained weight with air, hauntingly good at times. Didn’t catch the dosage (but it’s Extra-Brut) or disgorgement (but some suggest September 2021).

opening snacks - I believe the top “branch” was a sunchoke creme in burdock

salmon tartlette

razor clams

I do remember this scallop. Nice edges with fried sage

good mi-cuit

Eel in black sesame sauce


I have rezzies for this spot can’t wait to check it ouf