Daw Yee Myanmar Corner hits Silver Lake t'row

(cross posting) There will be vegan Burmese food, on Sunset blvd, next to Hipster Pho. The recipes are all unchanged from the original, Chow & fam are still in the kitchen, and the OG fish sauced versions of everything can still be had.

kima paratha

gin thoke

tea leaf salad

And if y’all go often and beg often enough, maybe, just maybe Mama Daw Yee herself will send some of her danpauk to Silver … gdamn… Lake of all places.


So excited about the soft opening! I’m seriously addicted to their tea leaf salad.

Went last night. So good. Not a bad dish in the bunch. The lentil tofu was really nice. I could just some back for that tea leaf salad and garlic noodles with duck and be perfectly content. Super enthused and helpful server as well.


Finally made it over to Daw Yee Myanmar Corner the other night with some friends.

Tea Leaf Salad was bizarre for me. I was hoping it lacked cabbage like my favorite version at Mandalay in SF, but no dice. The server seemed to have absolutely no idea how to actually mix it properly lol. I don’t know what it was but the tea leaves seemed very chewy, and overall the salad felt really dry. I was fairly disappointing and would consider Yoma’s version or Lukshon’s version far superior.

Ginger Salad was better. Quite vibrant with ginger yet not overpowering. Pretty tasty overall. Blew the vegetarian in the group’s mind.

Platha with Chickpeas was alright. Really dense platha…seems wrong to me. The platha I’ve had in SF is more like the roti at Night + Market than this rather thick, intensely doughy stuff. But I guess it was ok. The mashed chickpeas were perfumed with curry alright, but kind of dry.

Coconut Chicken Curry Platha was maybe the best dish of the night thanks to the chicken curry, which showed off a significantly addictive savor with a subtle sweetness and juicy texture that balanced the doughy platha well.

Yellow Lentil Tofu Sticks were also quite good. I’ve never had lentil tofu, but these were excellent, having the snap of hardboiled eggs in texture almost. The sauce was a bit like a watery sriracha, and was ok, but the tumeric-laced lentil tofu sticks were not bad by themselves.

Vegetable Curry was a sleeper hit as the veggies were kept in sold states, but almost liquefied into flavor essences in your mouth. A zesty curry base amped it up just enough, but the rice was unnecessary and a bit overcooked for my tastes.

Mohinga was really watery, and really needed all of the chili flakes and lime to be palatable. I took most of it home, and it was better with some next-day funk, but to me this seemed to miss the mark of being flavored by onion/lemongrass/ginger that should be typical of the dish. The version at Yoma far better captures the flavors that make this the national dish of Myanmar, versus the exceptionally bland version here. At least they let you take it to go… but… maybe that’s not a good sign in the end. The chickpea fritter is a nice touch, but just doesn’t do enough to save the rest of it to me.

Daw Yee’s Faluda is really good, though. An absurdist drink of pink milk filled with assorted jellies, ice cream, and excellent, savory pudding as well as tapioca. The savory pudding in their version edges it out over Yoma’s I think. The best thing of the night.

Service for the evening was borderline incompetent. Orders were hard to place, dishes were not mixed properly, dishes were not clear from the table, water was never refilled, we had to wait about 45 minutes to get a check even after everything had been pushed off to the side…

The room was extremely noisy, and conversation was nearly impossible.

The food was very vegen/vegetarian-friendly, and enthralled the veg-only person in our 3 person group. The food seemed very clean, hewing towards the Silverlake demographic in no uncertain terms. I have nothing against this, but the meal seemed to lake the deep, soulful flavors I associate with the best Myanmar cooking I’ve had in my life. Depsite the low cost, I left feeling pretty disappointed and can’t really imagine going back. I guess I’ll just plan my trips to Yoma better or eat at Mandalay when I am up in SF more specifically lol

Too bad; I liked the late hours, and had high hopes for this place.

Nobody goes here anyway do they? lmao speaks for itself

I visited Daw Yee Myanmar Corner in Silver Lake today and it was the perfect spot to catch up with a friend over a delicious meal.

We ordered the tea leaf salad, shan noodle bowl (rice noodles, coconut chicken, pickles, chile, peanuts, and sessame seeds), and samosa soup. Everything tasted fresh and delicious. The samosa soup was not what I expected - more like samosas in sauce and not very soup like (my least favorite dish of the three, but still enjoyable). The bill seemed quite reasonable for the food and for being located in Silver Lake. Three dishes came to about $35 before tip.

No wait for dinner at 8pm. In fact, we were the only diners when we first arrived. Several other parties were seated as we dined, but the restaurant never filled. The quiet, laidback atmosphere was perfect for conversation. Service friendly and prompt: our server checked in on us without being overbearing. Importantly, there was no pressure for us to leave as we lingered well after the food was cleared and bill paid. Our server even offered to get us more water when he saw us pour the last of our pitcher. Don Yee Myanmar Corner proved to be a welcome respite from the holiday bustle.

(This was the portion I first served myself - there was plenty more tea leaf salad!)