De La Nonna (Arts District)

Warrior: This is an Arts District place that specializes in Sicilian pizza. I have mixed impressions. On the positive side, I thought both pizzas tonight were worthwhile, though not as good as Triple Beam. The oysters were good too. I liked our bottle of Lambrusco. On the negative side, the smoked trout dip and eggplant caponata were nothing special. And I was frustrated with several things about the restaurant: Going to the cashier to pay upfront (for a $200 meal) and giving a 20% tip upfront for pseudo-service. A tiny table that couldn’t fit two pizzas with our bottle of wine. Not getting crackers with the smoked trout dip because I paid $7 extra to get the crudités (I assumed we would get both given that the menu says “add crudités”). Telling the “waiter” this and getting an indifferent stare. Overall, the experience wasn’t good, and I wouldn’t go back unless I lived nearby.

Peony: Another neighborhood restaurant. Not the best neighborhood restaurant in the Arts District.