December 2022 Rundown

I was wondering the same thing lol!

Nawal, the Syrian pop-up in Solano Canyon (~8 min from Chinatown) last Sunday.

Menu with descriptions from their Instagram:


Labneh Crisp with Soujouk add-on

Soujouk Wrap

They were out of most things, but the small snacks we had were quite tasty and had that familiar, comforting “homey” feel food can have even if you’re not from anywhere near that part of the world. The backyard has two tables for two, a larger table for ~6, and a friendly, welcoming vibe, like you’re chilling at your friend’s place. Two thumbs up from a 7-year-old chowpup.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Seafood dobin mushi, from my Christmas Eve omakase at Sushi Kisen (Arcadia)…


Merry Christmas!

Zuppa di Pesce from Ancora in SF



Greeting from Morro Bay.

Morro Bay Butcher and Deli is getting a special shoutout. Had one of their specials, wagyu patty melt, 2 days ago. Not a great pic (my hands got pretty oily after picking it up), but this thing is the shiz. Super beefy, super rich. Partner and I split one, and I cannot imagine eating an entire one myself (and I say this as someone who really likes animal fat).

Enjoyed it so much that we returned the next day for more sandwiches. :slight_smile: I got the Italian. Filling was great, filling-to-bread ratio was also spot on. Bread itself was a mixed bag. It was a bit too soft, fluffy, and bland. I appreciate being able to easily bite through the sandwich (which is not something I can say of Gjusta’s), but I wouldn’t have minded a bit more chewiness.

The pastries at La Parisienne can hit or miss, but the macaroon was exceptional. Like biting into a toasted coconut cloud.

I loved Goldfish growing up. The flavor blasted ones are… weird. There’s a very strange (and kind of sweet and unpleasant) powdery taste to it now.

Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful end to the year…


Wait where is that big ass rock?


It’s still there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Idk what their hours are like right now but if you’re still in Morro and can catch Babydudes I highly recommend it!

(Also flavor blasted goldfish are gross but the classic ones are still great)


We’ve passed by it and were curious. We’re in town for a few more days and will give it a try!

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Mrs hippos got suckered into buying two chirashi boxes from kinkan :roll_eyes: for my Christmas prezzie.

Some pieces were quite good namely ikura and some pieces of the tuna. I think it was a blend of akami or chutoro some pieces were super fatty a luscious while others had a pretty strong blood line flavor and some undesirable fish flavor. Uni was badddd.

Didn’t ask the cost because I didn’t want to make Mrs hippos feel bad.


yikes! sorry to hear that. it won’t make anything better for you but i’ve been shown pictures of kinkan’s cold locker at Luxe showing frozen uni. :cold_face: this was a year ago, so can’t say what kinkan does now, but for the price they charge, it’s a travesty.


Wow frozen uni! Yikes fuck that shit, thanks for the info.

Even if it wasn’t this batch it would make me question all their neta practices esp at their price point and what they market themselves as.

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Perhaps @hungryhungryhippos’ uni was from the same frozen batch you saw. :smirk:


Uni-cicle, not to be confused with…




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Damn we were eyeballing these too. I guess kinkant afterall.


Pictured from top left: wild mushroom and pork pithivier; spiny lobster medallion; seafood platter (beau soleil oysters, Florida stone crabs, and cold poached prawns); Icelandic cod, celery root “risotto style” and truffle; petite baba au rhum.

Attended a private birthday party/early Xmas bash catered by Chef Laurent Quenioux. Loved everything, especially the seafood platter and individual servings of pithivier and baba au rhum. 7 course tasting menu with 2 desserts by the chef and a chestnut cake from Frances Patisserie in Pasadena.

Pictured from top left: FG torchon; imported cheeses from France; lamb chop; 6 courses in box; poached lobster medallion over watercress flan

Decided to order Chef LQ’s Xmas Boxx delivery and like the Thanksgiving Boxx I ordered a few years ago, it didn’t disappoint.

$90 including delivery so it was a splurge, but I didn’t feel like dining in a restaurant so it was the perfect solution.


We got the Xmas box too and it was great. Sweetbread “shepherd pie” was a highlight. I only wish he had put in more bread!


:joy: I know what you mean @boourns

Agree with you about the sweetbreads being a highlight!

Was so busy reheating and a bit buzz from :wine_glass: so I didn’t pay much attention to :camera: lighting, etc. but in case anyone’s curious, below is a before and after of the sweetbreads shepherd pie:

Sometimes I look at LQ’s for menu scratching my head :thinking: but then I see how it all works after the 1st bite.

For fine dining takeout, I appreciate his the most for ease of reheating, etc. He’s been at it for a while and it truly shows.