December Weekend Rundown (2015)

Have at it.


First lunch

Second lunch


Beautiful pics. Where was the 2nd lunch (Sushi Tsujita?)?

There’s been a weekend in December already?

Must be using that lunar calendar my feng-shui master keeps telling me about …


Posters have been including Friday in the weekend. :wink:

Roger that.

But given that there were two lunches included, makes one wonder.

Still, nothing wrong with double dipping lunches on a glorious Friday afternoon.

I was contemplating a third bang at mcconnell’s but figured I’d wait until the weekend :wink:

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Hey, if you (or @PorkyBelly) got the time and $ to enjoy 2 lunches, more power to you… :wink:

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Finally made it to Halal Guys OC. Wait only down to 5 min and the shopping center is so packed now they have “complementary” valet.

Pretty good. Never been to OG so can’t compare.


Sea cucumber seafood dumplings with ham broth at J Zhou.

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The bomb mi and cold fried chicken


Colombian tamale at El Porton. Awesome. The inside is filled with pork ribs, potato, and peas. The topping is a delicious sauce of simmered tomatoes, onion, garlic, and olive oil.

Also got the cazuela paisa with beans and chicharones. Decent but really heavy and I probably should have gone with the ajiaco (only available on Saturdays).

Below link is to the ajiaco


I hit up Siem Reap in Long Beach yesterday. his is their last month being open for business, so I had the get my usual order.

Juicy fried quail

Fried pig intestines

Lap cheong fried rice w/ shrimp and fried egg

Beef sticks w/ papaya salad

Even though this is their last month open, the owners were nice enough to give me their home number, should I crave their food after the doors close. I’m also trying to get them to bring me into the kitchen before selling the building off to show me their prep steps for some of their dishes (like their fried intestines. 3 day process - best I’ve ever had).


Happy Hanukkah


WTF! that’s hilarious!

Is the base made on unagi?

This was a good weekend, eating-wise. :smile:

Lunch was Newport Seafood in Beverly Hills (a friend a family celebration there). I thought the food was very good. To have lobster as leftovers the next day is such a tough life… :wink:

After watching a movie (“Spectre,” which was only okay), we decided to stop by Butcher’s Dog (our first time there). Very tasty food, and VERY loud (lots of sports playing). Fish and chips were very good but not flawless. Fish was perfectly done and almost creamy. Batter, however, suffering from being placed on the hot fries. One side was wonderful crispy, the other side, not so much. The fries were fried nicely but needed WAY more salt. Partner’s burger was excellent. Flatbreads look gigantic (it was possible the the neighboring tables had perhaps ordered more than one).