Decent late-night dining between Santa Ana and Hollywood

I have a new engagement every Monday evening in Santa Ana that runs quite late - usually to 11 pm or midnight. I go with a friend who’s interested in exploring new foods, but options are naturally scarce that late. We can’t go beforehand due to work and driving distance, unfortunately. Basically I’m looking for spots in Santa Ana or anywhere on the way back to Hollywood (or surrounding environs - a 10 minute detour is fine) that are open after midnight - preferably until 1 or 2 am.

Pretty much any genre of food is ok, though spice level should be mild - so far we’ve tried a gastropub and an izakaya, and are looking for a decent Italian spot next. Ideal price range is $30pp or less (no alcohol), though I’m willing to keep pretty much anything in mind.

25 Degrees?

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El Gallo Giro is 24/7 but seating and ambiance could be an issue.

25 Degrees looks like a decent prospect. I’ll check out El Gallo Giro too.

Which freeways are you taking to get home? The 5 is like a culinary wasteland between north of Anaheim and downtown. The 405 will net you a lot of chains.

The 5 to the 101, but I am willing to make detours for food. Chains don’t particularly interest us, however.

Dan Tana’s!!

Eh… bit expensive for reads to be a fairly standard (though I assume high-quality) menu. At that point I’d almost rather skip dinner on Monday and find time to make my first trip to Bestia :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Lock and Key Social Drinkery in Downey…about a 10 minute drive from the Firestone exit off the 605. It’s the only gastropub of it’s kind in that neck of the woods. The cauliflower buffalo dish and the bacon candy dishes always work well for me. Great artisan cocktails, an amazing whisky collection, and the beer selection isn’t too shabby, either. I would warn you against the duck confit fries…the duck’s on the dry side for me.
More suggestions to come as I think more about the areas surrounding the freeways…not too many places stay open that late in the suburbs.

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We’re not drinking, but it looks like a great find nonetheless. Menu looks both better and cheaper than the last gastropub, so we’ll definitely give it a shot.

Was Wood and Vine the gastropub you tried? If not, might be worth a visit.

Ruen Pair seems like the best option in Hollywood.


This is my late-night go-to. Very, very good Thai food.

No, it was Haven in Santa Ana. I’ll check it out.

Just checked; Wood and Vine closes at midnight. Well, maybe if you get out of your event a little early…

Ruen Pair for Thai food.

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