Decent sushi in seal beach or long beach or environs?

my family is in l.a (alas, i couldn’t make it on this trip) and based in seal beach. the kids apparently want to eat sushi for lunch today. are there any decent options you’d recommend closer to that area than nozomi in torrance? to be clear, this does not have to be top tier sushi, just a place that serves decent fish plus some lunch combos.

thanks for any assistance you can provide in the next couple of hours.

Koi Restaurant on PCH (that stretch between Long Beach and Sunset Beach, but closer to Long Beach). They have table and sushi bar service. The fish is excellent and they have lunch specials…it’s Chef Brandon Go’s (Hayato) family’s restaurant. We’ve been enjoying it for years.


Second this.

thanks. passed the rec on to them. haven’t yet heard where they ended up.

the missus reports that they did indeed go to koi and that “the sushi was pretty good”. thanks again!

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If you frequent lots of Asian restaurants, sometimes you will see the owners/cooks kids. Maybe doing homework, maybe helping out, etc whatever the case is they grow up in the restaurant. Some stay in the businesss and some pursues other professions. One of them who stayed is Brandon Go, a local boy growing up and learning in his fathers restaurant, learns more from masters in Japan, and returns home to create one of the best restaurants around.

That’s pretty damn cool!