Del Taco Bell style tacos - brand suggestions for purchase?

One of my favorite threads from the old board is this undying thread about recreating taco bell at home:

It’s been nagging at me for almost a decade and I finally tackled taco night last night. My ground beef game was pretty spot on using the instructions in that thread, but I think my results would be better if I had “better” products going in

  1. Seasoning - I used the TB mix to try to recreate the magic. Google says “best” store bought is probably Lawry’s taco seasoning. Is this as good as it’s going to get?

  2. Shells - I want to fry my own but it’s just too much hassle for the volume I need. I used the 365 shells this time and they were tiny - like, I get bigger taco shells for 39 cents from Del Taco. Google says Old El Paso probably as good as it’s going to get for store bought.

  3. Sauce - I used some bougie ass green hot sauce but you know, it doesn’t hit the nostalgia. Any jarred/bottle taco sauce hit that itch?

Ended up making taco salad supreme because the shells were so damn small.


Herdez. Preferably from the can.

Edit: hope this doesn’t get me kicked out of the home made salsa thread!


Taco Bell used to have their hot sauce in Ralphs. Haven’t seen it.

Some Target’s and Walmart’s still have it. Maybe online somewhere:

Del taco sells theirs online but it’s only packets. I know that can be a pain in the ass.

Every time I go to JitB or TB or Del, I have them give me 2-3 handfuls of sauce packets to save and have on hand.

I do not mean this for your meat mixture but to top off the tacos properly.


what about this?

oh nevermind. I see you used that mix.

yeah, I think next time I’m going to go with a suggestion that said use 1 full-sodium package, and 1 low-sodium package.

!!! $16 for 200 packets? hell fucking yes.


Now ya’ll got me craving a homemade double decker taco supreme

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I usually look at the ingredients on the back of the packet and make my own mix with fresh ingredients.

I am honest with my abilities - my weakness is “season to taste” so for things like spice mixes I do much better buying premade mixes.


I think I get that many with my Del 3 value taco deal on Tuesdays.

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Today’s offering. This is dangerous.


Get the Old El Paso shells that are squared off on the bottom and stand up on their own, they are pretty wide and can overstuff them for massive tacos.


If you find these… buy these… They are locally made and super crisp and tasty. I’ve gotten at Food4Less…

Also, for shredded cheese, I really love the thick grated Tillamook

We always have La Victoria Taco Sauce… It’s great to mix with the ground beef or chicken (We make tacos with Chicken now, they tend to take on the flavor of taco seasoning and sauce better).



For hard shell tacos, we get the Ortega brand shells from Ralphs.

We do ground beef with McCormick taco seasoning, preshredded cheddar cheese, And Taco Bell or La Victoria taco sauce from a bottle.

We have hard tacos for the fun and taste of eating them, knowing they are not traditional, authentic or gourmet. :blush:


Wow thx for the lead on taco shells. I too can have it Instacarted to my house.

My Mom used to make them fairly often, but more like Jack in the Box Style… fried with the Picadillo already in them… then you kinda crack them open and stuff them with lettuce and drizzle on crema and cheese.

I love the open shelled version because you can add more toppings A little smear of beans, the meat, cheese, the taco sauce, fresh tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce and cream. It’s such a delight in one bite. We make them way more than I care to admit. LOL! We would have them this week, but we are having Tuna Tostadas instead…

Also, you don’t have to use ground beef with them, you can use shredded chicken like tinga.



Awesome! Please buy them. I bought them first at Northgate but since they haven’t shown up again! ARGH. Los Pericos is a small company that is easily pushed out by the Guerro/Gruma stranglehold…

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We do chicken, ground or shredded too. But sometimes you just want that greasy drive through version. :blush:

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Just got this push notification from the app:


Oh my god I’m such a cheap bastard. How badly do I want this tin…