Delicatessen by Osawa - Pasadena

Came across a review from the Pasadena Weekly while lining a critter cage (we use donated newspapers as bedding) for a Japanese delicatessen in Pasadena on Lake at Cordoba. Could be interesting, but the limited hours - 11 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday? - make it unlikely I’ll get there anytime soon.

Here’s the restaurants website with some of the menu (or maybe all of it - doesn’t load well on my phone).


Nikujaga n a lot of casual Japanese dishes…! Looks interesting for sure


The owner/hostess, Sayuri, told me that she and her husband (co-owner) opened the place to showcase the kind of food she misses from Japan. It reminded me of the basement of a Japanese department store. Beautiful, healthy (mostly) selection of dishes, and bento boxes just made for a long train ride. I felt like a kid in a candy store, walking into the place.


Oh, wow; that sounds very enticing. Will need to figure out a way to get there. It looks like there are a decent number of veg/vegan options - is that right?

Vegetarian, not sure about vegan.

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Definitely vegetable-centric. But you would need to ask about the use of seafood-based products like dashi.

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Thank you, @ipsedixit and @happycat: will try to get there in the next week or two to check it out.