Delicious Chengdu - Anyone had this before?

I love exploring restaurants in SGV, and Szechuan food is one of my favorite.
I am a regular visitor at this hole in the wall kind of restaurant in Temple City, Delicious Chengdu. While all the other big names like Chengdu Taste and Szechuan Impression often disappoints me, Delicious Chengdu always amazes me with how tasty their food could be!

I always order smaller plates like Kungpao chicken and chili beef, and saw this huge wok with braised chicken on the other day!

It’s also posted everywhere in the restaurant, seems like a special dish. Anyone had this before?
Is this a Szechuan origin?

Delicious Chengdu
9679 Las Tunas Dr. Temple City


Heard good things. Never been.


I’ve never seen anything served in a wok before. This Yelp photo make it look like it’s on a burner, like hot pot.

Hi, @MalaFan. I noticed all 3 of your posts in the 3 hrs since you’ve joined have been exclusively about Delicious Chengdu.

Do you have an affiliation w/ the restaurant?

What other restaurants do you like in the SGV?


Nope, Just registered today, and started from my fav.
I have a lot to talk about in SGV.


Certainly hope to read your thoughts about other restaurants in the near future…

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Totally understand your suspicions but @MalaFan already posted in a couple other threads about other restaurants already.


Welcome @MalaFan !


Thank you!!! I am enjoying it!


Looks like what is known as a “dry pot”, using oil and small amount of broth (as in the opposite of “hot pot”). Though I haven’t seen items along the sides in dry pots. Wok BBQ on Garvey in Monterey Park might have been the first place serving that in the SGV, and it was then spotted at Tasty Dining and other Wuhan-style places when they opened up, but has turned up more at Sichuan places since.

There have been quite a few “dry pot” places since they days of Wok BBQ and Tasty Dining.