Denver or Boulder Recs?

Hi All,

Just wondering if there are any recs for great food of any cuisine for Denver and/or Boulder?

Or are the recs in the Dining Solo thread all still valid? (not sure if there have been any follow-up thoughts, downhill / closures, etc.) or just newer openings?


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Oh shoot @Chowseeker1999. Am I too late? I have food loving friends in Denver. Let me know.

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Hi @TheCookie,

Feel free to send some recs. :slight_smile:

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Okay. I’ll have him send some faves.

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Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

I think these recs are post visit and a few are on FTC already. Very nice Acorn report btw. Maybe they’ll help for future visits.

We have such a rep here that these recs were prefaced with “won’t compare to L.A.” But, I think he did good.

Central Market

Vital Root

Uncle Ramen

Sushi Den


Root Down

Happy Denver Eating!


Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks for the recommendations! Taking note. :slight_smile:

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I can vouch for Acorn. Was there in OCtober and had an excellent meal. My coworkers and I still talk about it!


Op! Just saw this thread. Luckily we connected on this already, but I figured I’d post what I sent ya here, in case anyone else is interested in the future:

The Source - - This is a “food market” that has a couple restaurants, shops, bar, etc. I had a really good meal at Acorn, and I see them listed highly on a lot of Best Ofs.

Union Station - - This is also a train station, but they’ve recently renovated it and added a collection of restaurants. I’ve eaten at Stoic & Genuine and thought it was solid. Might be odd to think of going to a seafood restaurant in Denver, but supposedly they go to a lot of effort re: sourcing and their exec chef is a Wolfgang Puck-alum, for what it’s worth. Bonus points for Union Station being close to the main downtown/Larimer Square. My friend also said good things about Mercantile, but I’ve never been.

Chef Bonanno - Mizuna is the flagship restaurant of chef Bonanno’s Denver empire, and I had some really good meals there. Bones might be worth trying, if you want to see what Ramen in Denver is like :slight_smile: Green Russell is his speakeasy bar in Larimer Square, which I think is a cool spot. You go down some stairs, enter through a butcher, and they often have live jazz.

Chef Tommy Lee - Uncle is the place to go if you’re curious about Denver’s take on Momofuku. I remember my bowl being good. His new restaurant Hop Alley says they do traditional regional Chinese, and my friend says it’s getting really popular.

El Five - - My friend won’t stop taking about the paella he had there. I haven’t been, but it appears to be a tapas place. I also saw this as Eater Denver’s #1 hottest new restaurant.

Frasca - - This is my one Boulder recommendation. Italian. And walking distance from the Pearl Street Mall. Although, apparently Basta in Boulder is good too.

Guard and Grace - - If you’re looking for a steakhouse, this is a good one.

Great Divide Brewery - - This was always my favorite brewery. They didn’t have food when I lived there, but they’ve since expanded and now have a kitchen, I believe. But go for the beer, if that’s your thing.

Local Favorites - Finally, here are some spots that are specific to CO. Think Tito’s Tacos. The first is Santiago’s, who does green chili and has several locations around the stat. The second is Beau Jo’s Pizza, which is famous for their huge crust that you dip in honey. It’s wild. Chipotle. Just kidding, but the first location was in Denver. Bonnie Brae Ice Cream - Quaint little homemade ice cream place, with great peppermint. Oh, and don’t eat at Casa Bonita. But if you do, try to let you order two kids chicken tender meals, as they are the only edible items (other than the sopapillas).

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Tagging on to this. We’ll be in downtown Denver for a couple of nights. Staying near the convention center. We won’t have a car. Looking for a casual interesting place for dinner one night. $20-30 per person not counting alcohol, tax and tip.

For lunches I think we’re just going to go causal and poke around. We might do Biker Jim’s because my wife has seen the pics from my past visits. But we’re open to anything.


Hi @Jase,

Not sure if you saw the other thread, but thanks to recs here we ended up at The Source for dinner. Delicious.



Thanks! That’s only a couple of miles from our hotel. Looks like a great possibility.


Anything new out here? I’ll have time for a few meals. Thinking Acorn, then Tavernetta for lunch? Any other good lunch spots? My nights will be occupied with Rockies’ games and a Red Rocks concert!

Would also love to hear pre-Rockies game advice.

The food at Casa Bonita may now be good.

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