DeSano Pizza Bakery - Pop-Up with Italian Pizzaiolo Attilio Bachetti

The owner was like “we figured we’d give it a shot”. I was out of town for the main event so this came as a very pleasant surprise.


Thanks to the great tip by @ronsilverado, got to try the Carnevale.

I didn’t try to the version at the pop-up, so I don’t have a point of comparison, but to my eye, they look prettyyy similar. Either way, I thought this was a special pizza. I loved it. The sausage was great, and the light yet crunchy yet chewy ricotta-filled crust almost gave you the feeling that you were enjoying two different pizzas. This was my first time at DeSano’s, but I’ll definitely be back. The other pizzas coming out of the kitchen were looking niiiiice.


Hi @President_Mochi,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: It looks similar. Although I just noticed the bottom half of this new Carnevale doesn’t seem to have the Ricotta oozing out of the star tips.

Either way, it sounds like you had a great time. You should try some of DeSano’s classic pizzas also next time.

Yep. I noticed that bit about the ricotta ooze, as well. Also seems like the pop-up version kept the basil leaves intact whereas the DeSano version shred and spread it. Wonder if a different basil was used or if it was just a stylistic difference.

And I’ll definitely be back to try the classics. The ones at the tables around us looked great.

We visited Desanos for the very first time when the Pizzaiolo was visiting, but had NO IDEA!! We ordered one of their standard pies and even when the cashier asked us if we wanted a special… we went naw.

Of course, after we finished our pizza, we saw the Carnevale on someone’s table. We asked the table which pie that was and they said, it was a special pie only for that night!


So we were thrilled to see this post alert of us of the special. We called this afternoon to make sure they had it and then headed straight down!

Now, we really like our regular DeSano pie the first time, but this one was not only beautiful but really highlighted all the elements. Thin crust, amazing sausage, wonderful sauce and the Ricotta, which many folks find plain, was the perfect compliment to the charry flavor of the crust.

They said the got the blessing from the Pizzaiolo to have it as a special, so I hope it stays on the menu for a while or at least as often as they can!



fwiw when I had it last week they were using whole basil leaves. true story.

Hi @Dommy,

Sounds similar to the one made by Chef Bachetti. Can’t wait to go back soon and hopefully it’s still there. :slight_smile:

No shit. Huh. Welp, cue the music…

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this thing goes all the way to the top

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“No matter which way you slice it, this pizza leaves much to the imagination. This week on…”

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Anyone know how long DeSano plans to do the Carnevale?

It’s a special. They didn’t know how often they would have it, but seemed very happy to be able to pull it off. Call ahead and ask if they have it.



What is the pizza to get for first time?

LOL @ Unsolved Mysteries. Creepy ass theme song (but as an adult that beat is sick) and Robert Stacks voice. The actual show had ghosts,aliens,and creepy ass police sketches. Can’t believe my Mom let me watch that show.


PSA: DeSano is still making the Carnevale ($17). The one I had last night might have even been better than the first go round. They now give you a cup of marinara on the side to dip those ricotta-filled crust pockets into, which RULES. It’s so great.


That sounds fantastic! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to go back.

Does the carnevale travel?

Hi @Ns1,

We haven’t attempted this yet, but you should eat it fresh out of their wood-burning ovens! :slight_smile:

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Damnit. I have dogs with me!

I suppose I could eat this in the car…


LOL!! The Struggle is real…

It really is worth a dog sitter/date night tho’. Also, I suppose they would look the other way if you take it on a short trip down the El Gran Burrito if you order from them… LOL!!