DeSano Pizza Bakery - Pop-Up with Italian Pizzaiolo Attilio Bachetti

woah thanks for the tip. The marinara sauce would be amaze w/ the crust.

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Had the Carnevale for the second time nite before last, was as you described, so good!

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All I can tell you is that my leftover 3 little slices of the Carnevale made for a tasty breakfast this morning after a stint in my convection oven!

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Went to Desano’s last night for dinner. Can confirm that the Carnevale is still being offered.

We ordered a large Capriciosa and was absolutely delicious. The crust was a little bit more doughy than usual, not sure if this is an intentional change after Bachetti’s visit. I like it.

Place was jamming. Never seen it this busy since outside of Bachetti’s special pop up night. Happy for them.


Great news @tailbacku. Good to know. :slight_smile: I need to go back soon…

Indeed. It was heaving when I went on a Tuesday night last month, as well. Worth noting that the time between order and delivery was still pretty dang brisk though.


Yep! Both times we have been it has had a healthy crowd! Good for them! They have their system down and make a friend and share a table (maybe even swap some slices! ;)))



Looks great. Where are they located? Wonder if we could do a LaBarbera’s pop up there?

East Hollywood. They have a large lot. But you can also take the Metro Red Line to Vermont.


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Update 1:

After having Burnt Pizza, we needed to “reset” our taste and try something familiar again. We remembered all the follow-up reports from @Dommy @President_Mochi @tailbacku @sel that DeSano was still serving the special Carnevale, so off we went. :slight_smile:

Their Pizzaiolos were efficient and working magic:

We brought along one of our diehard Pizza fanatic… I mean friends, (maybe not as hardcore as @lapizzamaven ;)), and we started with the classic:

Margherita D.O.P. (San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Basil, Garlic, Buffalo Mozzarella):

While simple, it’s a classic for a reason. DeSano’s Margherita is beautiful in its simplicity, the thin Neapolitan-style Pizza, the wonderful light chew from the Pizza Dough, and the crust being tasty to eat (seasoned enough that it’s not just plain “bread” that you’re eating). :slight_smile:

Lasagna (Meatball, Ricotta, Garlic, Pecorino Romano, Buffalo Mozzarella):

This was a great contrast to the Margherita, their Housemade Meatballs are zesty and well-seasoned, giving a real meatiness, but then balanced by the creamy Ricotta and Buffalo Mozzarella. Now this is delicious Pizza! :blush:

Bottom Crust pic:

I was scarred from our visit at Lodge, dreading what we might see underneath. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank goodness. And while it might look a little “light,” it was perfectly cooked, with a wonderful light chew, a good thinness but without the soggy center or flaccid crust that @PorkyBelly wants to avoid. (That’s why we like this more than Settebello.) :slight_smile:

Verdura (Broccoli Rabe, Mushroom, Cherry Tomato, Garlic Buffalo Mozzarella):

Their Verdura was even better! :slight_smile: The Cherry Tomatoes, roasted to a gorgeous softened texture, added pops of deliciousness, the Broccoli Rabe providing a nice textural contrast, and the Mushrooms… Roasted Mushrooms, Buffalo Mozzarella… and their fantastic Crust! This was one of our friends favorite Pizza of the night. :blush:

Pizza Carnevale (Special) (“8 Points Pizza” filled with Ricotta Cheese, Margherita Pie with Sausage in the Center):

Having had the original Carnevale during the Pop-Up with Master Pizzaiolo, Attilio Bachetti from Pizzeria Da Attilio in Naples, Italy, I have to say it’s pretty close to Pizzaiolo Bachetti’s version! :open_mouth:

The Carnevale is still incredible! This wonderful balanced confluence of flavors, with their Housemade Sausage, the beautiful balanced Tomato Sauce, and that awesome 8 Points Crust, that’s stuffed with Ricotta Cheese! When I nibbled from the center to the crust, the experience changes from a “delicious Neapolitan Pizza” to “Creamy, tasty Stuffed Crust” (that you can dip with some of their Marinara Sauce)! :heart:

It is a testament to the skills of the Pizzaiolos at DeSano that they were able to learn from Chef Bachetti and re-create a pretty close (nearly identical) version of one of his signature pies from Italy. :slight_smile:

Diavola (Sopressata Picante, Pepperoni, Calabrian Peppers, Buffalo Mozzarella):

We realized we had never ordered their Diavola before. SO glad we did this time: While visually it might look like a “Pepperoni Pizza,” it was nothing like that at all! The Pepperoni was fragrant and added a good meaty salinity, but it was their fantastic Sopressata Picante that elevated this to crave-worthy.

Every bite had this deep truly porcine awesomeness! If felt like the word “umami” was made to describe this amazing flavor! :blush: @PorkyBelly this is for you! :slight_smile:

The Calabrian Chilies also had some real heat, a good spiciness that was surprising, but made this Pizza stand out even more. This was my favorite Pizza of the visit, along with the Carnevale. :slight_smile:

Bottom Crust pic:

After so many visits, DeSano continues to deliver consistent, very good Neapolitan Pizzas. Their Diavola might be my new favorite with that amazing porky Sopressata shining through, but their constant Daily Special of the Pizza Carnevale is also a must order. My Pizza mindset has been restored. :slight_smile:

DeSano Pizza Bakery
4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Tel: (323) 913-7000


So glad you had a great experience at Desano’s. I love their consistency.

Did I miss your write up on Lodge Bread?

Great report as always @Chowseeker1999, i love a great thin crispy crust #feartheflaccid and their crust to topping ratio looks perfect, I’ll need to check it out, thanks for the reminder.

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The Verdura looks wonderful. Do they have a soupy center, or just regular?

And what is this pop-up of which you speak?


+1 my favorite pizza joint in LA :point_up:


In all honesty, is this worth a 48-minute drive to Hollywood on a lovely Saturday afternoon?

Because I’ll do it! But only if absolutely necessary.


Hi @tailbacku,

Thanks! Yah it’s so good. My thoughts are in the Lodge thread, but also I linked it in the first few sentences in my post above (under Burnt Pizza hyperlink).

Thanks @PorkyBelly. Oh I figured you would’ve already been to DeSano already. I hope you like your visit. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bookwich,

Yah the Verdura was delicious. :slight_smile: DeSano’s Neapolitan is not soupy (which I’m thankful for), but understand that some people enjoy that style as well.

@PorkyBelly linked it before I saw your post. :wink: But yah it was a great Pop-Up with Pizzaiolo Bachetti. They said there’s a possibility he might come back next year (he really enjoyed his time, but he’s really busy as well with his place in Italy).

As for a drive? I don’t want to set your expectations too high. A 48 minute trip right now might be too much, it depends on your personal preference. :sweat_smile:

Then again, I don’t mind driving 1.5 hours into Orange County when we tried Kitakata Ramen Bannai (it made it all worth it!) :grin:, but I think there’s something wrong with me.

One of these days if you’re in the area, keep DeSano in mind and try it then. :wink: