Dessert around Santa Monica

Need a place around Santa Monica for 6 on Wednesday at 2:30. I thought of huckleberry but it’s probably too crowded. Any place we can possibly reserve. That might make it easier. Or a good place around sawtelle



Assuming that there’s not some sort of strange holiday rush, a weekday during “linner” is probably the least crowded you’re ever going to find Huckleberry…


I’m not a big Huckleberry fan, but their salted caramel bars are extremely good. It should be fine at 2:30 p.m.

You could take a look at Flores + Sons to see if the menu appeals. I assume you can make reservations, but I’m not sure.

Bru’s might also work (if it’s open; I don’t know the hours). Or maybe the Penthouse at the Huntley? Or Cassia?

I’d love to go to cassia. But it’s only dinner I think.
Flores and son stops lunch at 2:30. Bummer
Is Brus wiffle a waffle joint. Closes at 3, so I’ll give them a call.

Yes, Bru’s is a waffle joint; they have plenty of other dishes, though. Not sure what their dessert menu looks like, though.

If it doesn’t have to be fancy, Amandine or Literati might do the trick.

B Sweet

We’ve been to B Sweet a few times and enjoyed it. As a “warning” to the OP, I think all of the seating is outside on the patio/sidewalk. Not uncomfortable, but watch the weather forecast. :wink:

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There is a communal standing table inside. No barstools, but eating while standing allows my belly to fill up on more ube ice-cream-filled halos anyways (oink oink)… :slight_smile:

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Oh, I always thought that table was for decoration! :wink:

If all you are looking for is dessert (and perhaps beverages to go with it), Sweet Lady Jane on Montana might be a good choice, though it is not large and I do not think you can reserve. Other options are the recently reopened Rose Cafe and Superba Food & Bread, both in Venice

Sweet Lady Jane on Montana is all deserts, all the time.

Huckleberry should be uncrowded on Wed at 2:30.

Thanks for all the great tips. I usually like lunch and dinner when I’m in this area. Totally drew a blank for tea and cake. :smile:

Will probably go for B Sweet or SLJ. I had only heard about the West Hollywood spot.

Sweet Rose on Pico. Had a unique and amazing combo of lime gelato and gingerbread soft serve swirl. Two flavors I’d never order but when I go to Sweet Rose I just get whatever is in that soft serve machine. The waffle cones are delicious. They really only have ice cream so would file this under frozen desserts (thanks WSG).

They only have stools.

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The Sweet Rose in San Vicente/26th has an outdoor covered patio. Not sure if the OP was okay w/ only ice-cream, though.

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No soft serve at Brentwood location of Sweet Rose, only at Santa Monica Pico @ Lincoln.