Destroyer for breakfast

This past Wednesday morning I made my way to Culver City and got to Destroyer around 9 AM. It was already 80F and steadily rising throughout the day.

Destroyer came highly recommended by a friend who spent some time in LA, and with the nod to proceed from both @J_L and @CiaoBob , I knew I had to visit.

When I was first told of Destroyer, my thoughts were

but fortunately it is one of the most unusual places for a breakfast/brunch place that might actually work in SF in say, The Mission…but in some ways this is uniquely LA that belongs here more.

Quite a few choices on the menu, and perhaps I should have referenced older posts. It was a bit hard to choose, so I had the cashier explain the more popular items

The descriptions on the menu are simplistic, reads like a high end fine dining tasting menu (at least it doesn’t read like a poem, like at Atelier Crenn)

Ended up with Organic Hen Egg, Crispy Potato, Mushroom

Was really amazed by the beautiful arrangement, almost too beautiful to eat! And this is just brunch!

Normally I do not like quinoa, but they cooked it right and with the chunks of egg, flavor/seasoning (there was a tart/mildly refreshing sour element in there), along with the textures of the herb salad and chips, made this very enjoyable. Best of all, it was light and doesn’t make you feel like a :pig:

I could use a plate of something else…so decided to try this that you all know. Quite excellent I might add, never had this style of bread with so much intensity, flavor, aroma! Delicious, too bad by this time I was getting quite full…

and I really enjoyed their ice coffee! This blows away the hipster SF BS under roasted high acidity crap in NorCal easily

Very happy with this meal, and it was before a trip to Santa Monica Farmer’s Market


i just hope that the person who put the sign next to the door had nothing to do with cooking or planning the menu. i was expecting to see menu entries that looked like:

    R        A        W                 O   A ^M E AL

I appreciate Jordan Kahn for expanding my mind with exceptionally high quality food that tastes bad. He is a culinary Shostakovich.


Lol, great way of putting it!