Dialogue Santa Monica

Anyone make reservations? Terrible location…

I did not think that reservations were available yet.
Strange location, indeed.

Reservations started for mailing list subscribers this morning for the first 2 weeks but really available to anyone via Resy: https://resy.com/cities/la/dialogue-restaurant

A little confused. Pairings are optional. But you are asked to choose between two pairing options when making the reservation. Also a bit sad that there is no solo diner option.

Each pairing option has the option of no pairing

Totally agree on the confusion especially since they allow you to decide on pairings when you arrive. It looks like solo diners can email them directly per their FAQ:

Q: May I purchase for a single diner?

A: We have limited availability for single diners. Please email info@dialoguerestaurant.com with your requested date and time.

I’ll be going on 9/6. It’s been a while since I had Chef Beran’s food at Next in Chicago and only made it to Rogue after he departed. Excited for this one.

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which site is this?
I can’t even figure out where to make reservations, please help!

The reservation link on the restaurant website doesn’t appear unless you click through the email they sent this morning, but that page just links to the Resy site which works for everyone: https://resy.com/cities/la/dialogue-restaurant

You have to prepay with no refunds/no cancellations though they do allow transfers if you can find someone.

Going. Will report back (if Chef Dave lets me hehehe)…


Thank you, all set now.

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Thanks for the info on single diners. I have been emailing with Ann who was able to fit me in on 9/13!


Too bad they don’t accommodate solo diners. Perhaps later on they will, but it’s tough to fill seats in a small restaurant like that if they have to accommodate solo diners at first. At least there’s potential flexibility since there’s a bar, instead of say, Vespertine, which only has tables.

The post right above you literally says they accommodated a solo diner


I think they do, but you have to email them to book a solo spot. Not available through the regular Resy interface,

Look forward to hearing about it! I think I’ll try to go in October or early November.

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Interesting interview

I still don’t understand what the 2nd option means. What does mixed/no wine mean?