Dialogue - Santa Monica

Chef Dave Beran’s new tasting menu restaurant hidden on the second floor of a food court. Just getting to the restaurant from an alleyway, up a service elevator and through a private cipher locked door, was liking searching for out of the way hidden restaurants in Japan. Inside the room is tiny, no more than 700 sq ft with only 18 seats, the layout was like trois mec, but smaller.

The whimsical food and menu design reminded of atelier crenn and alinea. Everything was tasty with the highlights being the king crab, squab, and the “everything is burnt” beef.

Pro-tip: Uovo is a block away for an after-dinner bang.


“springtime for sean”

roasted banana tea, browned butter, peanut

blackberry thermidor, short rib, bone marrow

dragon fruit, scented with roses from early spring


king crab, popcorn, orchid, earl grey tea

“burnt lettuce that thinks it’s a peanut”


96 hour koyi plum, fresh yuba, thai basil

squab, thai long peppercorn crème fraîche, begonia

bitter chocolate, cherry, preserved sakura

“the sobering of rhubarb”

choy sum, strawberry nahm prik, cashew

pork belly, nasturtium, strawberry sambal

black cod, yuzu koshu beurre blanc, sea grape

“everything is burnt”

french onion soup, rosemary aroma

“memories of a tomato salad”

whipped persimmon, lemon shortbread, hibiscus sugar

ages of seedling farms apples, miso caramel

“an autumn morning”

“a carrot pulled from the snow”
Like stealing candy from a baby rabbit


Such beautiful dishes. Looks great.

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I liked my dinner at Dialogue.


My writeup is forthcoming (God I hate getting scooped by my esteemed fellow FTCers, but I have only my lazy ass to blame for not writing it up sooner)…

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Nice report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: Looking at the dishes here, it looks like Dialogue is a nicer, friendlier, less pretentious version of what Vespertine was trying to do? Either way, I’m glad all the dishes were at least tasty to very good. :slight_smile:


Totally. Brought back fond memories of Aronia de Takazawa for me…

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I would recommend it, but I don’t think it tops n/naka or the chef’s tasting menu at providence quite yet.

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Ha, I had the exact same thought.

Exactly. If you go I would highly recommend requesting seats at the counter. Chef Beran was very friendly and a large part of the experience was having a “dialogue” with him on his inspiration for each dish.

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Did you get enough food? I’m a light eater, but even to me this looks precious. I like the plating very much, though. And the bunny at the end is great. It’s nice that the chef is having fun.

Did the server have to explain what was edible and what was not?

The only one I’m wondering about is the maple leaf.

I am very much coveting the blue bowl in which the short rib was served.

Nope, i ate everything. The rabbit at the end turned out to be a little tough.


I think it was a hibiscus leaf

Reminds me of my meal at Atelier Crenn. More focused on style and presentation vs taste and flavor.

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you can eat the leaf ?

OP said everything was tasty… BTW OP did you do the wine pairing?

Plating is magnificent

“Magnificent” isn’t the first word that comes to my mind for whatever this is.