Did ROC Close?

All of them?

I know the one on sawtelle closed

I know the one by Beverly Center closed.

The Sawtelle location got replaced by “Dan,” which serves a similar menu but is nowhere near as good.

That’s too bad, I did like Roc and have seen Dan but haven’t tried it

Dan is sadly no bueno.

It’s Westside Acceptable :slight_smile: Agree it’s not close to ROC.

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Stiff (and superior) competition from Northern Cafe and Din Tai Fung Century City, just to name a few.

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I’ve had dan modern chinese a couple times. It’s very clearly trying to emulate Din Tai Fung. The menu reads almost like a copy and paste. It never reaches the heights of DTF, it’s a level or two down for sure, the flavors aren’t quite as refined. But it’s generally tasty and the food has been very consistent, so they nailed that one aspect of DTF. For when I don’t feel like paying for delivery or trekking over to Century City, dan is a decent alternative that has yet to disappoint.

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I would suggest Tasty Noodle House as an ROC alternative in Sawtelle. The sheng jian bao is great along with most other dishes. Not sure why I haven’t tried their xiao long bao yet.


Where can I get bomb soup dumplings?

On the west side or…?

anywhere. 10 miles or less preferably! I’m in mid-city.

Went tonight.


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Northern Cafe on Hollywood Blvd

Din Tai Fung Century City should be w/i your radius.

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If it’s the same as Irvine TNH the XLB are thick skin, not soupy, with sesame oil/soy flavor style. Very good I thought, among my favorites really, but not as good as the shen jian bao.

The seaweed fried fish is really good, too


The man has spoken. will try it. Thanks

ROC didn’t last long and closed a couple of years ago. We had stopped going but I was surprised because it usually looked pretty busy. It was nice having a dumpling spot in our ‘hood. I liked the variety of fillings (lots of chicken & non-porky stuff) and the sauces, but the last couple of times we went the wrappers were dry like they were undercooked or had been left out in the air too long. :frowning_face:

Question @chandavkl - Is Northern Cafe - Hollywood Blvd better than Beverly Blvd. and are dumplings the only thing to get at all NC locales? We had entrees (not dumplings) recently and it was a disappointing, salty experience.

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I stick to Northern Cafe dumplings, small plates etc. However you have to look at the community served. Definitely wouldn’t try an entree in Hollywood, but I was fine in Hacienda Heights.

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