Did Something Burn Down in San Gabriel?

Currently in Spain and can’t seem to confirm.

yes, possibly a restaurant too.

From various articles

Aww man this sucks, glad no one got injured.

Looks like they went defensive, so this strip might be a huge loss. Fire can spread very rapidly laterally in the cockloft space across the whole strip.

Man it’s too bad, I used to love Yung Hos when I was in college.

After a night of drinking and partying, nothing like coming home with some Yung Ho.

I only wish I could remember every Yung Ho I’ve had.

Sad to think my days of going out to get Yung Hos are over

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you can see the flames from there? impressive.

Yay! @kevin has finally found a way to demonically possess fellow FTCers!


Pretty sure where he’s at all he can see are flames.

I saw the huge smoke cloud when I was walking down Allen to the Gold line station.