Did you know ...?

… there’s a restaurant in LA dedicated to couscous?

… or that there’s a restaurant in LA doing fusion Mexican (Oaxacan) and Middle Eastern (Lebanese) food?

Well, there is.

Palikao in DTLA (Toy District) serves up nothing but bowls of couscous. The one with pickled carrots and ginger is very good.

Then there’s X’tiosu Kitchen in Boyle Heights, which is doing Oaxacn food (like burritos and tacos) with a Middle Eastern flair (zesty tahini) all coming together in dishes like chicken shawarma tacos? I’m a big fan of their Oaxacan chorizo kebab plate. Say that to yourself fast 10 times.

Good stuff. Love LA.



@ipsedixit -

Wow! Palikao looks fantastic! And I have a friend who lives in Little Tokyo who would LOVE this!

Thanks for finding and, sharing!

By the way, if anyone goes to Xitiosu Kitchen, make sure to grab a bag of papas preparadas, which is more unique and tasty than any of the chips one might get at the Mercado or on any street corner in Huntington Park. The seasoning is certainly zesty and lemony, but I think they must add something else (sumac?) to it that gives it an extra oomph.