Dim Sum at J Zhou

Well, since I just got back from dim sum…

Clarify: You just went to 101 Noodle Express or JZhou? I’m assuming you just came back from the latter.

(This is still the 101 Noodle Express thread; maybe this tangent calls for a branch-out so that JZhou has its own thread.)

Yes, the latter.

Shrimp dumplings, the famous house special seafood dumplings, and spicy porks and preserved vegetable dumpling.

I was just there as well. While the flavor has improved since my 1st visit shortly after they opened, there were issues that I didn’t care for today. It took twice as long to be seated than what we were told when we put our name in, If you are going to be high end, be high end, don’t give me paper napkins and don’t give me a plastic cup with a plastic lid when I ask for water, I’m neither 2 years old nor did I ask for it to go, our zook was given to us without a serving spoon.

I also got the odd plastic cup for water. But then noticed some other tables getting glass. Maybe they got slammed and ran short of glasses?

I got the regular cloth napkins though and not paper.

Place was packed today and increasingly so. I used to be able to walk in without a wait. Guess the word is out.

I was there too after getting shut out at Halal Guys. I got glasses and cloth napkin but I did see some tables with plastic cups. It was packed, we arrived around 1:30pm and waited. I grabbed a coffee at Portola during my wait so it didn’t seem too bad.

One thing is for sure, J Zhou has made that parking lot pretty bad. The parking lot is logistical nightmare and now it is worse. The little market where Portola is makes it even worse once all of the stalls fill out.

We got there at approximately 11:40 and after being told 10 - 15 minutes, we were seated 30 minutes later at 12:10. When we left, it was a zoo.

Amazing all you f’kers in one place. It must be tasty.

Fuckers. I just fucking cracked up.

But those seafood dumplings sound pretty fucking dope.

Juat seafood no pork ???

Thanks guys.