Dim Sum House-A New Dim Sum Restaurant Coming to the Westside this Weekend!

Dim Sum House located at 1822 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, 90025, a new dim sum restaurant, is coming to West LA this Saturday. The quality is great even compared with those restaurants’ at San Gabriel valley. Here are the menus and some pics of the dim sums.

We are looking forward for the feedbacks from foodies here!


The har gow look like it was steamed quite well judging by their “snow-white” appearance.

Those chicken feet are gorgeous!

Freshly baked Snow Mountain Bun.
Crispy and soft outside, jelly-like creamy inside is snow-white and melting in the mouth. You can smell the fresh aroma of milk and flour:star_struck: Personally I like it a lot!

I see simplified Chinese character on the plate… Interesting!

I smell a shill here…

And simplified Chinese? No HK Canto (and TW’er) will ever be caught using that! It’s devils writing


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yah I think Yanghopwoo is ownership / management from Hop Woo, and it sounds like they’re trying to market / hype a new project they also own?

Bingo! Fake Canto. Workers speak Mandarin and they serve skewers at night. But what I tried of their limited selection currently available was pretty good, and there is precedent from now closed operations that fake Canto dim sum can be excellent.

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I had wondered how OP got all the pix before they opened.

OP has been open about affiliation with the restaurant.

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OP has been serving dim sum at Hop Woo for some time now. Remember he is also the incredibly gracious host who served a delicious Sichuan banquet to FTCers for free in order to get those of us who attended to donate to FTC!


Thank you for coming today! I am so glad you like our Dim Sums.

The dim sum chef is one of our partners here, he was the chef at Bao Dim Sum House in Beverly Hills during their grand opening. He has many years experience in this field and has been doing dim sums in San Gabriel Valley for a long time. We are 100 percent Cantonese style Dim sum:blush: So far our customers are pretty satisfied with our dim sums.

BTW, every person in Guang Dong is using Simplified Chinese right now:grinning:

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I think FTC is a place to share food, no biased opinion or discrimination please.

As to the language, many authentic Chinese restaurant are using Simplified Chinese right now, like Szechuan Impression and Taste of Chengdu. We are sharing the love of delicious food.

Of course there is a shil here, we love our food very much so that we bring our food here.


Thank you for your reply! I hope to get your feedback and feedback from other foodies here:blush:

For non-Chinese FTC’ers:

It’s complicated


Yes, I remember Bao’s opening and their dim sum chef coming from the SGV which I mentioned in my comments back in 2010. Chowhound

A couple of Hunan style restaurants that once offered exceptionally good dim sum were Xiang Yuan Gourmet in Temple City and Taste Of China, in Chino. Consequently you can’t automatically dismiss the dim sum at a place that also serves bbq skewers.

We know they use simplified characters in Guandong, but no Guandong based restaurant has made their way to the Los Angeles area yet. Well, actually Fifty One Kitchen in Culver City is out of Guangzhou, but they are targeting a mixed audience of Chinese and non-Chinese diners. There are two or three Guangzhou based Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, though. So that’s why here in Los Angeles, any mixing of Cantonese food with simplified characters automatically gets thrown into the “fake Canto” designation.

Every Chinese restaurant from the mainland tends to use simplified characters. Only Taiwanese restaurants tend to use traditional characters.