Dim Sum In Azusa

While the setting is more like a diner than a dim sum palace, there is no doubt that legit, off the menu dim sum has come to Azusa, thanks to Arcadia’s New Fusion Restaurant setting up a branch on Foothill Blvd. Only ordered three items–fried fish balls, beef cheung fun, and snowy purple yam buns, since they were the most innovative items on the menu. The cheung fun did not have the customary minced beef, but rather bits of beef instead. The yam buns were the largest I’ve seen. Seems like with the opening of New Fusion and a few other places, the Chinese food gap along the 210 east of Monrovia might be filling.


Here’s their menu for the Azusa location

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The “two scoops of ice cream” is probably a first for a dim sum check off sheet.

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