Dim Sum King

Has anyone been? A reviewer says the guy behind this is from Elite.


Had time for a quick visit. Essentially like the take out annex to dim sum restaurants like CBS Seafood in Chinatown, Longo, or Capital Seafood in Monterey Park, though there are a few tables for dining in. Dim Sum seemed quite good, around $3 per order, so good QPR. But dim sum is already prepared so may not be as hot as you like, and the selection is relatively short with primarily standard varieties. Certainly not a destination but fine if you’re in the area.


there is NO A/C, which will be an issue in the summer for people who elect to eat there as we did.

we arrived at 10:30am wanting to make sure they didn’t run out of anything. no other patrons were there, so the cook waited on us and pointed out his recommendations after we ordered the two basic standbys: ha gow & siu mai.

there are five large juicy porky morsels with noticeable pieces of fresh tasting shrimp in the order of siu mai. major fail in that they were topped with fish egg before steaming and not after. but i’d still take them over an order from lunasia, especially at $2.88.

the ha gao were more pedestrian, wrappers on the slightly thick side, but well constructed and no tears.

the macao egg tarts come out first. did i mention there’s no A/C? we were seated at the first table with a huge fan blowing over the table. this caused those egg tarts to congeal rapidly. had we thought about it we would have eaten them immediately instead of leaving them for the end.

beef ball i liked the texture (cosmetic surgeons should use this stuff instead of saline implants, IMO) but i was expecting cilantro & orange peel in the flavor profile.

instead those flavors were in the beef filling of the chang fun. which came out wavy style. alas, we let this sit, and the fan breeze turned it into a chewy lump. next time, eat these quickly. the beef/orange/cilantro profile was nice.

this was a chef recommendation there was a delicate filling whose texture was overpowered by some white gooey substance included in the filling .i’d skip this.

the sticky rice… maybe because i was already approaching critical mass it just didn’t wow me. like i’d expected it to, even with TWO slices of lop cheung in the filling.

i’d skip the cha siu bao. the filling was more sauce than meat.

i had high hopes for this as the chef raved about how good this would be, the top half was fluffy, but the bottom was closer to flan than cake.

this was my only impulse order based on the pic. i was hoping it’d be some sort of version of shui jian bao, but…

it had a vegetarian filling with what tasted like glass noodle which might have been good, but the bun was really sweet and it just did not pair well at all for me.

i can’t believe i forgot to take pics of the complimentary mango pudding. i think i got it because i brought a lo wai to dim sum. and this lo wai eats more than i do and we still took home leftovers. total bill was under $40 including tax and tip.

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