Dim sum (late 2017): Best overall

At the risk of going off regional. Was this before or after the new expansion? The last few years for March Madness, we’ve watched games at Gold Coast. For breakfast, I get dim sum takeout at PPP. I get some strange looks at the ball room while I’m chowing down on some bao’s and siu mai. But I don’t care since it’s so much better than the crappy breakfast burritos and pastries they sell inside the ball room.

Two visits to Xiang Yuan Gourmet not enough to make a final assessment, but I think I’ll stick with Chef Tony et al until proven otherwise.

It was my first time there(Aug), so likely post expansion.

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Wait whaaat… for real for real? i’m going to have to try this

Ping Pang Pong also has a pretty tasty dinner menu as well. They have a stone pot rice dish with pork belly and lap cheung that is really good. And they are open late.


Yes, when seeking an alternative to traditional Vegas late night steak and eggs, PPP is a good choice. They also offer dim sum from the menu late night/early morning.