Dim sum (late 2017): Best overall

I’m in LA for the weekend from the Bay Area. We are looking to meet up with friends around 11 AM for dim sum tomorrow. Totally fine to go anywhere in LA or SGV. Considering Sea Harbour, but am open to other recommendations:


  1. Don’t want super expensive, but doesn’t have to be super cheap, either.
  2. Not necessary to have carts, but not against it either
  3. Would be interested in some originality in dishes, but also want to try some of the classics.

Really just looking for your gut reaction of your top 2 favorite places. I already looked at this thread which is why I was thinking Sea Harbour.


Sea Harbour.
'Nuff said.


Maybe not Sea Harbour if you’re interested in originality:

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Hi @vamped,

Have you been to Dragon Beaux since it’s up in your neck of the woods?

I ask because if you have, there’s nothing like that locally, unfortunately. That being said, what @CiaoBob said: Sea Harbour if you need an L.A. pick.


Sea Harbour. Arrive before they open for best seating results.


Ok based on your parameters below, it’s Sea Harbour because …

Sea Harbour is definitely not cheap (not cheap like Top Island for example), but then while it’s on the expensive side it’s most definitely not super expensive.

Check. Sea Harbour.

And for what it’s worth, you should be against carts.

Sea Harbour has some of finest in originality. While not as avant garde like, say, Chef Tony’s in Vancouver, it offers some of the more interesting dim sum items in SoCal.


Can I get an ‘Amen’?

Sea Harbour it is! Any favorite must-order items?

The French style pork buns look good. Which dumplings are best?

Will do my very best to report back

They recently had a fish maw black fungus puff pastry that was delightful.


Went to Lunasia today. Started rough with a gross octopus appetizer, and baked pork buns that just weren’t good. But then quality turned up in a hurry with excellent pan fried turnip cakes, har gow, shiu mai, and steamed pork buns. Also a really good spinach dumpling thing.

And yet:

You had pickled radish and cucumbers. Those aren’t typical dim sum dishes. Those aren’t even dim sum dishes, typical or otherwise.

That’s what everyone meant about ordering more typical dishes and “staples” and the analogy to Lamgers.

Isn’t an original dish by definition not a classic dish?

And BBQ pork rice roll is a classic. Maybe people in LA just have lower standards for dim sum.

We had a very good meal at Sea Harbour. Tried several items.

The French pork buns were my favorite with their sweet crispy top and soft inner texture.

Chinese broccoli was fairly standard. Good.

Braised chicken feet were very good with a strong star anise flavor. Very tender and easily fell off the bone.

Har gau were quite good. Very freshly steamed when they arrived, no gumminess.

Shumai with the truffle topping was not that exciting for me. Aside from the truffle they sort of lacked flavor. Meh

Fried potato balls were filled with scallop and maybe some sort of cream cheese. They were really nicely fried and had a great texture but the filling was really bland. Maybe just lacked salt? Sort of like crab Rangoon but less good which is too bad because it could have been wonderful.

Shrimp rice noodle rolls were great. Very fresh shrimp.

Shrimp and chive translucent dumplings were also very strong

Steamed pork buns were good but not as good as he French baked ones.

Milk egg tarts were great–not too sweet and flaky pastry.

I think that’s about it! Estimated wait time at 10:55 was 35-45 minutes. Actual wait was 55 minutes. Service was fast once we sat down. I’d definitely return to this place in the future. Thanks all for suggestion! Total bill for enough food for 4 was $75 before tip.



How is their construction coming along?

Thanks for the report.

For my money, Xian Yuan Gourmet is even better than Sea Harbour. Also, considerably less expensive. Be sure to try the salted egg bun, if you go.

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Ooh! Thanks for the opening to once again plug my LA Weekly article on Xian Yuan Gourmet. http://www.laweekly.com/restaurants/new-restaurant-xiang-yuan-gourmet-might-serve-las-best-dim-sum-8537046


You’re most welcome. Love your work…

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Awww crap missed this, totally underwhelmed by Sea Harbour couple weekends ago. LA’s dim sum scene needs some new blood. The best dim sum I had so far this year was at Ping Pang Pong (not a joke) in Vegas

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How do you think Xiang Yuan Gourmet compares with Vancouver places?